Review of “Sweet Justice” by Tkay Maidza: The Australian rapper takes her skills to the next level.


The experience of African Australians is not extensively documented in popular culture. However, thanks to up-and-coming artists like Genesis Owusu and Tkay Maidza, that is beginning to change. Maidza has been making moves to replace Iggy Azalea as the most well-known female rapper from Australia, and her efforts have been gaining significant attention. Over the past three years, she has released three EPs that showcase her versatility in topics, musical genres, and flow, following a trajectory similar to that of Lizzo, but with a more aggressive style.

The album Sweet Justice showcases Maidza’s growth with the help of popular producers such as Flume and Kaytranada. She also collaborates with Duckwrth again on the track Gone to the West. Maidza’s influences, particularly Nicki Minaj, are incorporated into catchy tracks that are sure to catch the attention of a wider audience. The album features upbeat party songs like Out of Luck, Ghost!, and What Ya Know, as well as more soulful R&B tracks like Wasp.

However, the uplifting moments, although persistent, cannot help but feel somewhat bland in comparison to Maidza’s more aggressive styles. The name of a threatening dance track, WUACV, is an abbreviation for “woke up and chose violence”; Free Throws is both musically and lyrically combative. “Don’t underestimate me, I am the quiet killer,” she whispers on Silent Assassin – and it would be difficult not to agree that failing to include Maidza on your playlist would be a mistake.