On Sunday, Carl Cox will reach a speed of 250mph in just five seconds.

Do you prefer to sleep in or start your day early? Usually, I find myself waking up in a hotel room on the opposite side of the globe after performing a show the previous night. I continue to perform frequently. Sometimes, I have to postpone my Sundays for two days until Tuesday.

What is playing on the radio? Smooth FM all day long. The last thing I want to do on my day off is listen to techno music. I am tired of it by then.

During my childhood, Sundays were filled with meeting friends at the park and simply spending time together. Even though I am now traveling often, when I am home, I still enjoy using my Sundays to reconnect with loved ones.

A yellow drag racing car

What’s on the menu? I have a fondness for roast dishes, whether dining out or preparing them at home. My expertise lies in cooking chicken, but on occasion, I may opt for convenience and order a Sunday roast from my nearby pub through Uber.

What is your ideal Sunday? Aside from my love for music, I am also passionate about drag racing. I am the owner of Carl Cox Motorsport. When I am not working and there happens to be a race, I gear up with my helmet and race at speeds of up to 250mph in just five or six seconds, before the parachutes kick in. This experience is even more exhilarating than DJ-ing at a huge event. The most frightening scenario at a gig is when someone tries to place their pint glass on the turntables. However, at Santa Pod [raceway], the G-force can reach 4 to 5 Gs. While I am unsure of the potential health effects, the thrill is indescribable.

What is your way of relaxing? It may take some time. Personally, I like to put on my slippers and sit in front of a classic episode of Only Fools and Horses. I am a big fan of that show.

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Source: theguardian.com