Khan joins other Labour members in urging for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, as pressure mounts on Starmer. This is the latest development in UK politics as reported live.

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There has been increasing pressure on Starmer in recent days to back a ceasefire, following pleas from numerous Labour council members and approximately a quarter of MPs, including two from the party’s frontbench.

Starmer has refrained from insisting on a complete halt to fighting. Instead, he has endorsed the UK and US’s strategy of advocating for temporary breaks in specific locations and times to facilitate the delivery of aid to those in need of water, food, and medicine.

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A representative of the Labour party will urge for a cessation of hostilities between Israel and Hamas.

During a press conference, deputy mayor Kate Green and 10 council leaders from Manchester released a joint statement, expressing their views.

We are greatly troubled by the occurrences in the Middle East and the suffering felt by individuals in Greater Manchester, particularly within our Jewish and Muslim communities.

We acknowledge that Israel has the lawful authority to use specific measures to protect itself from acts of terror and terrorist groups, as well as to save hostages.

We are greatly troubled by the high number of casualties in Gaza, the displacement of countless individuals, and the widespread suffering caused by the ongoing blockade of necessary goods and services. It is crucial that immediate assistance and humanitarian aid are permitted into the region.

The mayor, deputy mayor, and 10 leaders from Greater Manchester have joined the increasing global demands for a ceasefire by all parties and for the hostages to be released safely in light of the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

Called Johnson a “total idiot.”

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A representative for the Labour party has stated that they acknowledge the desire for a ceasefire, as Keir Starmer is being urged to solidify his stance.

There has been increasing pressure on the Leader of the Labour Party to endorse a halt in fighting, following demands from numerous Labour councillors and almost 25% of MPs, including two from the party’s front line.

Earlier today, London’s mayor Sadiq Khan and Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar both publicly expressed support for a ceasefire.

A representative from the Labour party stated in reply:

We are aware of the reasons behind people’s desire to request a halt in hostilities.

The citizens of Palestine do not represent Hamas and are currently experiencing immense suffering. This is why we advocate for temporary halts in fighting to allow necessary resources such as aid, fuel, water, electricity, and medication to reach those in need.

It is important to acknowledge that Israel was targeted by a heinous act of terrorism. Israel has the responsibility and the right to protect itself, free the hostages, and prevent Hamas from executing similar attacks in the future.

The group Hamas is currently launching rockets towards Israel and has also constructed tunnels to carry out more attacks. As a result, there is an ongoing military operation.

It is imperative to adhere to international laws and ensure that aid is swiftly, safely, and consistently delivered to prevent a humanitarian crisis.

Anas Sarwar, the leader of the Labour party, has joined in demanding a cessation of hostilities between Israel and Hamas, increasing the pressure on Keir Starmer to do the same.

He stated in a social media video:

All of us yearn for peace and long to witness the cessation of violence.

Therefore, it is imperative that we prioritize the prompt release of hostages and allow immediate entry of humanitarian aid such as food, medicine, electricity, and water into Gaza.

The immediate cessation of violence, with an end of rocket fire into and out of Gaza. And let me be clear, that means a ceasefire right now.

The Water Framework Directive (WFD) required a yearly assessment of rivers for chemical and ecological factors. Following Brexit, the WFD was incorporated into English legislation but the government eliminated the obligation for yearly evaluations.

This is the most recent instance of the UK deviating from environmental guidelines set by the EU. A recent study discovered that numerous hazardous chemicals and pesticides, which have been prohibited in the bloc since Brexit, are still permitted for use in the UK. Furthermore, government officials are trying to revoke EU-based regulations on sewage pollution for housing developers.

In 2019, during the most recent full evaluation of water conditions, only 14% of rivers were deemed to have good ecological health and none met the requirements for good chemical health. The government has stated that there are no plans to provide a comprehensive update until 2025, which is the latest possible date allowed under the new WFD regulations.

According to The Guardian, the government will utilize an undisclosed method to evaluate the health of rivers. This approach may complicate comparisons with EU rivers and restrict public knowledge about sewage and agricultural pollution.

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The Home Office is facing increasing pressure to assist in housing over 1,400 refugees in Glasgow who are at risk of becoming homeless. This is due to the government’s urgent attempt to resolve a large backlog of asylum applications.

Attorneys representing refugees in Glasgow have cautioned that the city council and the governments of Scotland and the UK could be subject to legal proceedings and demands for compensation if they do not adequately provide housing for individuals granted the lawful permission to reside in the UK.

The Scottish Refugee Council issued a warning that inadequate housing will lead to a rise in street homelessness this winter, exposing people to potential exploitation and even death.

According to Graham O’Neill, the policy officer of SRC, it is ironic that those who are granted refugee status should be experiencing a time of relief, hope, and joy, but instead are facing torment and homelessness.

The Glasgow city council predicts that over 1,400 refugees will become homeless in the city later this year due to the Home Office’s decision to expedite the asylum backlog, resulting in the evacuation of over 50 hotels where applicants are currently housed.

According to city officials, an increase in cases could result in the city, which has the highest number of asylum seekers in the UK, spending an additional £26m on emergency housing and up to £54m in the next year.

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Fellow members of the Labour party who hold differing views on the Israel-Hamas dispute.

According to the statement given to Sky News:

I fully comprehend and share the feelings of my colleagues who are witnessing the events in Gaza and feeling helpless. Many people watching these scenes today will undoubtedly experience great distress at the immense pain and suffering taking place.

However, my message to fellow colleagues would be that if the recent assault that Israel endured had occurred in the UK or US, our nations would have taken action to defend and safeguard our citizens by neutralizing the terrorist group responsible. This also holds true for Israel, as they are entitled to exercise their rights under international law in such situations.

However, while undertaking this task, they must adhere to international law throughout its execution. In the long run, the resolution to this crisis cannot rely solely on military action.

This issue can only be resolved through political negotiations and requires greater attention from the international community, which has been lacking in the past few decades.

When questioned about the potential electoral consequences of Labour’s position on the war, Reed stated:

I believe that [it] will not… and my reasoning for this belief is that in politics, one should prioritize doing the morally correct action rather than what is politically advantageous.

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There has been increasing pressure on Starmer in recent days to back a ceasefire, following numerous requests from Labour council members and almost 25% of MPs, including two from the party’s frontbench.

Starmer has refrained from urging for a complete cessation of hostilities, and has instead endorsed the UK and US’s strategy of advocating for temporary halts in specific areas and times to facilitate the delivery of aid to those in need of water, food, and medicine.

Close the accounts that Farage had at his personal bank, Coutts.

The initial report also noted several deficiencies in the decision-making process, communication with Farage, and handling of his private information by the bank.

The Financial Conduct Authority announced that it has examined the results of the original independent report and noted “possible violations of regulations” as well as numerous opportunities for enhancement.

This encompassed the bank’s approach to potential account closures, management of customer complaints, and the efficiency of its “governance mechanisms.”

Howard Davies, the chairman of NatWest, stated:

This report details several significant issues in the handling of Mr. Farage. While Travers Smith verifies the legality of the decision to exit, the findings reveal evident deficiencies in the decision-making process, as well as failures in communication and maintaining client confidentiality.

We would like to offer our sincere apologies to Mr. Farage for the way he was treated. His experience did not meet the standards that any customer should expect. Our responsibility now is to ensure that this does not occur in the future.

The bank has pledged to follow through on all suggestions from Travers Smith and is actively making revisions to our policies and procedures. Our focus is on preventing any discriminatory influence from the lawful beliefs or opinions of our customers in our decision-making process.

On Friday, Farage criticized the report, stating that it downplayed the reasoning behind the closure of his accounts.

Travers Smith’s response to this complicated matter is evasive and vague. The legal firm asserts that my political beliefs not matching those of the bank was not a political decision in itself. This claim is ridiculous.

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A member of the Conservative party has been taken into custody for alleged rape and drug possession. Additionally, he has been temporarily removed from the party.

The Member of Parliament representing Reigate, who previously served as a justice minister and chaired the foreign affairs committee in parliament, has revealed himself as the MP who was arrested. He expressed confidence that the investigation would conclude without any charges being brought.

Times Radio was informed by Keegan.

Because of the gravity of the accusations … his membership privileges have been temporarily revoked, but law enforcement is now involved so I am unable to provide any additional statements.

The Prime Minister has consistently emphasized the importance of maintaining high standards. He consistently adheres to proper procedures, but when issues arise, all we can do is address them and take necessary measures.

Blunt’s detainment is the most recent in a series of detentions of members of Parliament for alleged sexual offenses.

In May 2022, another member of Parliament from the Conservative party was arrested for alleged indecent assault, sexual assault, and rape. Due to legal considerations, their name cannot be disclosed. As of now, no charges have been filed against them.

Two ex-members of the Conservative Party have been found guilty of committing sexual assault. Charlie Elphicke, who served as MP for Dover, received a two-year prison sentence in 2020 for three instances of sexual assault against two female victims. Imran Ahmad Khan, the previous MP for Wakefield, was also convicted last year and sentenced to 18 months in jail for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old boy.

In 2019, the parliament has faced numerous allegations of sexual misconduct against several MPs from different political parties.

Recently, the Conservative MP Peter Bone was banned from parliament for six weeks due to a watchdog’s discovery of him harassing and bullying a staff member, as well as exposing his genitals in close proximity to their face.

Boris Johnson’s deputy chief whip, Chris Pincher, stepped down as an MP after getting an eight-week suspension from parliament following an investigation that found he had groped two men at a private members’ club in 2022.

When questioned about a potential cultural issue among Conservative MPs, Keegan responded by saying:

I do not observe a cultural problem among Conservative MPs. Instead, I see isolated incidents that are thoroughly investigated.

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