It is uncertain to Humza Yousaf whether his parents-in-law in Gaza are alive or deceased.

The leader of Scotland has stated that he is uncertain of the well-being of his parents-in-law, who are currently stranded in Gaza due to the disruption of communication caused by Israel.

Humza Yousaf expressed concern for his wife, Nadia, stating that they are both anxiously seeking updates on her parents. He also shared that she is feeling emotionally detached.

Elizabeth El-Nakla and her husband, Maged, who are the parents of Yousaf’s wife, went to Gaza before the recent escalation of conflict to visit family. However, they were unable to leave due to the ongoing hostilities.

As Israel escalated its bombing of Gaza and extended its ground operation, it has disrupted communication and caused a significant lack of information.

Yousaf stated that he has not received any communication from his in-laws since Friday.

According to BBC Scotland, he stated, “We have not received any communication from them since the intense bombing last night and we are extremely concerned. To be honest, we are unsure of their well-being and if they have survived.”

This is not only our reality, but the reality for countless individuals around the world who are unable to hear from their loved ones in Gaza, who have been under bombardment for the past three weeks.

To be honest, my wife is emotionally detached. I am doing everything in my power to provide her with some positivity and we are doing our best to keep ourselves occupied. We have been tirelessly reaching out to numerous contacts and family members in Gaza, but so far, we have not had any success.

It is certainly making a difference, not just for my wife but for others as well. This morning, I overheard my four-year-old daughter pretending to call her grandmother and inquiring about her return.

The initial leader restated his plea for an immediate truce.

Yousaf stated that the current situation is incredibly challenging for us, but his main concern is for the innocent civilians in Gaza who have been severely punished for a crime they did not commit. He emphasized the urgent need for a ceasefire to be implemented.

The initial minister previously sent a letter to all political leaders in the United Kingdom, encouraging them to support a cessation of hostilities in Gaza.

According to a letter reportedly sent on Thursday evening, the author stated that Israel has the right to protect itself in response to recent attacks. However, the author also emphasized the urgency of taking action to prevent the worsening humanitarian crisis in Gaza from turning into a catastrophic event.