Firefighters in Shropshire successfully saved a donkey that was trapped in a storm drain.

Amigo, a donkey who was saved by firefighters in Shropshire, is often described as stubborn. However, in this particular instance, it was not his stubbornness that caused him to remain still, but rather the mud in the field.

A representative from Shropshire fire and rescue stated that a group of “10 or 11 firefighters” responded to a request for assistance in rescuing a helpless creature. The animal had become trapped in mud up to its waist after falling into a concealed storm drain that was covered in leaves.

Firefighters safely rescued Amigo, a donkey stuck in a storm drain, by using straps and lines after a veterinarian sedated the animal to prevent injury from panic. The incident was logged as “one donkey, stuck in storm drain.”

The farm rescue, which lasted two hours, occurred on Friday morning and required the expertise of the service’s team dedicated to rescuing animals.

Upon their arrival, a spokesperson stated that the firefighters were able to quickly observe that “poor Amigo” was in a difficult situation.

“His hind legs had become stuck in a previous storm drain, hidden by overgrown plants, and the owners were unaware of its presence. Although he remained composed, he was unable to free himself.”

After the veterinarian arrived and the rescue team developed a strategy to save Amigo, he was given medication to prevent harm to himself and the team. Then, everyone worked together to use straps and lines to bring him to safety.

“After being released from the drain, he was able to stand and the veterinarian examined him. Fortunately, he was unharmed from the experience and we believe he was relieved to be liberated once more.”

The owner has been reunited with their donkey.

The fire service’s spokesperson expressed their joy in being able to assist Amigo through a shared post on social media.