Sarina Wiegman reassures that England is not in a state of panic following their costly loss to Belgium.

Sarina Wiegman reassured that England is not in a state of panic despite their 3-2 loss to Belgium, which resulted in losing control of their Nations League group and Olympic qualification.

The coach of England stated, “Life and football go hand in hand.” He reassured that they are not worried and gave insight into their gameplay, stating that they were attempting to find openings and execute various crosses while maintaining possession. However, they fell short in the final touch, although they did have opportunities to score.

Wiegman stated that Alex Greenwood was doing well and able to walk, but she does have a concussion. She had to be substituted off on a stretcher while wearing a head brace and receiving oxygen due to a rough collision with Jassina Blom in the first half.

Wiegman stated that Greenwood is doing well. They have not had a chance to speak to her, nor have they consulted with the doctor yet. However, they have heard that she is up and moving around. While she did suffer a concussion, it is positive news that she is able to walk and is doing well.

England had control over the game against Belgium, but they were unable to capitalize on it and ended up being punished by their opponents’ counter attacks. Manager Wiegman expressed her disappointment and frustration with the outcome.

She expressed her disappointment and frustration, stating that the situation was unnecessary. Our goal was to improve upon our performance from Friday’s match, which we won 1-0 in the previous game.

“We had a few areas we hoped to improve upon today, but unfortunately our performance was lacking. Our opponents were able to execute more counterattacks compared to Friday, indicating their success in that aspect. We could have potentially performed better in that regard.”

Regarding England’s potential qualification for Team GB at the upcoming Paris Olympics, Wiegman expressed that the situation is currently quite competitive. She noted that the team can only focus on their own efforts and is aware of the task at hand. The upcoming match at Wembley against the Netherlands is highly anticipated and the team is eager to compete.

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However, we also aim to demonstrate our abilities and improve, even against a formidable opponent. Our goal is to secure a victory by multiple points, and then continue our winning streak against Scotland. The objective is straightforward and we are determined to achieve it.