Ratcliffe promises that Manchester United will overthrow City and Liverpool from their dominant positions.

Ratcliffe promises that Manchester United will overthrow City and Liverpool from their dominant positions.

Mr. Jim Ratcliffe has expressed his strategy to elevate Manchester United to the top of Europe once again. He envisions a mix of attractive football and practicality that he believes will dethrone Manchester City and Liverpool within three years.

In a recent statement, the 71-year-old billionaire who recently assumed control of football operations at Old Trafford acknowledged that Manchester United must reflect on the significant progress made by their competitors in the 11 years since Sir Alex Ferguson’s departure.

During a comprehensive interview, Ratcliffe declined to address the future of Erik ten Hag directly. Nevertheless, he noted that the lack of success from various managers since 2013 highlights the need to address and improve the structure and atmosphere of the club above all else.

Ratcliffe stated that there is much to be gained from observing our loud neighbor and the other nearby resident.

“They are the enemy at the end of the day. There is nothing I would like better than to knock both of them off their perch.

“They have been in a favorable position for some time now and there are valuable lessons we can take from both of them. Their organizations are well-managed, with exceptional individuals and a high-performing environment. I hold them in high regard, but they are still considered our opponents.”

Manchester United is currently ranked sixth in the Premier League and has not claimed the title since 2013, which greatly bothers Ratcliffe. He expresses his frustration, stating that the last 11 years have been a source of misery for supporters. As one of the largest clubs in the world, United is expected to play top-notch football, but has failed to do so for the past decade.

When questioned about the timeline for their return to the top, Ratcliffe proposed the years 2027 or 2028 as a realistic goal, coinciding with United’s 150-year anniversary. He acknowledged that fans would not be willing to wait 10 years, but believes they can achieve their goal within three years.

It is not realistic to expect us to play football at the level of Manchester City’s performance against Real Madrid last year by next season. Creating false expectations can lead to disappointment.

“I believe the most important aspect is our progress, to show that we are moving in the right direction. It is a challenging task to transform Manchester United into the top football team in the world.”

Ratcliffe announced that the new leadership would determine the type of football to be played, taking into account suggestions from Ineos’s sports director Sir Dave Brailsford and the recently appointed chief executive, Omar Berrara, who was recruited from Manchester City. The manager is expected to adapt their tactics to match this chosen style.

Mason Greenwood in action for Getafe, where he is on loan.View image in fullscreen

“We are currently discussing and fine-tuning the specific style of football we wish to adopt,” he stated. “Take Manchester City for example – all 11 teams play according to the same strategy, and we must strive to do the same.”

Ratcliffe said it would be “inappropriate” to discuss Ten Hag’s future. But he pointedly added: “If you look at the 11 years that have gone since David Gill and Sir Alex have stepped down, there have been a whole series of coaches, some of which were very good. And none of them were ­successful, or survived for very long.

The only inference that can be made is that the circumstances in which they were operating were not effective. Erik has experienced that same environment. I am referring to the organization, the individuals within the structure, and the overall atmosphere of the club. Therefore, we must address that aspect.

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Ratcliffe was taken aback by the news that Newcastle was valuing their sporting director, Dan Ashworth, at £20m. He deemed it unreasonable to attempt to place him on a leave of absence for 18 months.

I find it ridiculous to suggest that a skilled professional would spend a year and a half sitting in their garden. I had a mature discussion with City about Omar and we resolved the matter in a friendly manner. When Pep is finished with one of his players, he doesn’t expect them to just sit around for a year and a half. That is not how things operate in the UK or according to the law.

After his acquisition of a nearly 28% ownership in the team was confirmed, Ratcliffe made his first public statement. He stated that he would review the Mason Greenwood situation and make a new decision within the following weeks.

When questioned about the possibility of Greenwood having potential for the club, Ratcliffe’s response was uncertain. He explained our approach to making decisions, considering factors such as his suitability as a footballer and his character.

“We must come to a decision, as it is evident. No decision has been reached at this point. Our procedure will involve examining the facts rather than the exaggerated claims, and then striving for a fair judgment based on our values. Essentially, we are asking: Is he a decent person? Can he truly contribute to Manchester United? And would both us and the fans feel at ease with this decision?”

Ratcliffe has also verified that the team will be evaluating the possibility of investing £1bn in renovating the deteriorating facilities at Old Trafford. Alternatively, the club may seek government assistance in constructing a new stadium, which would have a price tag twice that amount.

“He mentioned that in a perfect scenario, it would be an obvious decision. A stadium in the northern region, known as the “stadium of the north,” would be ideal for hosting major events such as England’s national football team matches and the FA Cup final. However, practicality must also be considered in real life.”

Source: theguardian.com