Could Barry Keoghan potentially play the role of John Lennon in Sam Mendes’ upcoming Beatles movies?

Could Barry Keoghan potentially play the role of John Lennon in Sam Mendes’ upcoming Beatles movies?


Just as the Marvel Cinematic Universe was starting to become stale, Sam Mendes introduces the Beatles Cinematic Universe. This ambitious project consists of four interconnected films, each focusing on a different member of the legendary band. With the exciting prospect of overlapping storylines and varying points of view, it is reminiscent of Lucas Belvaux’s Trilogy trilogy or Joao Canijo’s dual films Bad Living and Living Bad. Mendes’s movies about the mop-topped musicians may revolve around pivotal moments such as their iconic performance at Shea Stadium, the infamous Maureen Cleave interview, and even John Lennon’s tragic death. But the question remains, who will be cast in these roles? Here is my dream team.

Barry Keoghan as John Lennon

Keoghan previously portrayed a resident of Liverpool in Emerald Fennell’s Saltburn and entertained us with his dancing skills to Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s Murder on the Dancefloor (although the Beatles, including Lennon, were not known for their dancing abilities). The cover of the album Two Virgins, which features Keoghan fully nude, would also not be an issue. He would excel at capturing Lennon’s mischievous and defiant grin, as well as his skeptical and rebellious nature. His ability to appear innocent and guileless would add complexity to the character, especially when paired with granny glasses and gradually lengthening hair that would add a sense of gravity and mystery. As for the roles of Aunt Mimi and Yoko, Emily Watson and Tōko Miura from Ryu Hamaguchi’s Drive My Car (not just because of the film’s title) come to mind.

Paul McCartney is known as Leo Woodall.

Leo Woodall and Paul McCartney.

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Woodall is captivating audiences across the nation with his portrayal of Dexter in the Netflix adaptation of David Nicholls’ One Day, starring alongside the talented Ambika Mod. This casting choice would tap into the delicate balance of vulnerability and ambition that Woodall displayed in One Day. It would also highlight the cunning determination that McCartney was known for, which Woodall portrayed brilliantly as the boisterous Jack in the second season of the luxury hotel satire The White Lotus. He would make a fantastic counterpart to Keoghan in the pivotal scene where Paul and John first meet at a church festival in Liverpool in 1957, where Lennon was performing with his skiffle band, the Quarrymen. The youthful charm of Leo as Paul would contrast perfectly with the tough exterior of Barry, played by Woodall, resulting in an electric bromance meet-cute. (Of course, the films about Paul and John could each show the same scene from different angles.) For the role of Linda, Florence Pugh would be a great fit, and for the chaotic scenes at Abbey Road where the band members argue, Dominic West could portray George Martin.

Finn Wolfhard as George Harrison

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Finn Wolfhard, a popular Canadian actor, possesses the ability to portray both the youthful innocence and the detached resentment that defined the early years of The Beatles. He also experienced the same frustration as George Harrison, as his creative contributions were often overshadowed by the dynamic duo of Lennon and McCartney. Wolfhard is also a musician himself, having been a member of the Canadian indie rock band Calpurnia before joining the band The Aubreys. In his role as Mike in Stranger Things, Wolfhard starts off as an innocent and natural leader but evolves into a more complex character as the show progresses, making him well-suited to play the role of George Harrison. For the heart-wrenching love triangle of his later years, my choices would be Anya Taylor-Joy as Pattie Boyd and Will Poulter as Eric Clapton.

Ringo Starr was portrayed by Harry Melling.

Harry Melling and Ringo Starr.

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Ringo possesses the ability to outshine his fellow actors and steal the show in this four-part movie extravaganza. Harry Melling, known for his role as Dudley Dursley in the Harry Potter franchise, is the perfect actor to overshadow others. He has a talent for both comedy and drama, and is able to portray both the antagonist and protagonist. In his role as Ringo, Melling effectively conveys the sadness of his early struggles with illness and lack of education. These struggles were overcome when he received a life-changing recording of the song “Bedtime for Drums” while recovering in his sickbed. Melling expertly captures Ringo’s nonchalant attitude from behind the drum set, but also brings humor to his wacky performance in the film Help! In this movie, Melling impressively recreates the iconic black-and-white scenes alongside Ian McKellen, who plays Wilfrid Brambell.

Robert Pattinson as Pete Best

Robert Pattinson and Pete Best.

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This could be a short film to precede each of the main four, with Pattinson as Pete Best, walking moodily and wordlessly around the rainy streets of Hamburg for three minutes in a leather jacket.