Infantino celebrates a “complete and decisive triumph” as the lawsuit against him is resolved.

Fifa has declared the end of legal actions against their president, Gianni Infantino, regarding his meetings with Switzerland’s former attorney general. Infantino hailed the outcome as a “complete and definitive triumph” for himself, Fifa, and the justice system. He also demanded an apology for the harm caused by allegations made by individuals he referred to as “jealous, envious, and dishonest”.

In July of 2020, legal action was initiated following allegations of meetings between Infantino, Swiss AG Michael Lauber, and Upper Valais chief public prosecutor Rinaldo Arnold.

The Swiss special federal prosecutor, Stefan Keller, worked on the case until May 2021. However, he was later removed due to a complaint from Fifa about four press releases that were released from his office. Fifa claimed that these releases showed a clear bias.

Hans Maurer and Ulrich Weder, who succeeded Keller, continued with the case. However, Fifa announced on Thursday that the investigation had concluded and no charges were filed.

Fifa expressed great satisfaction with the decision made by Extraordinary Federal Prosecutors Hans Maurer and Ulrich Weder to dismiss and permanently close the investigation into Gianni Infantino’s involvement in the ‘Lauber case’.

Infantino declared that it is a complete and definitive triumph for himself, the reformed Fifa, and the concept of justice. He firmly believes that the allegations made against him were baseless efforts from envious and dishonest individuals to harm his character. He urges those involved to show some integrity and make amends for the harm they have caused.

“The investigation fully and clearly confirms that I have always acted in a lawful and correct way, always defending exclusively the interests of Fifa and football.”

The Switzerland’s Office of the Attorney General concluded their inquiry into the alleged misuse of a private jet by Infantino in 2017 earlier this year.

Fifa’s president, Infantino, has held the position since February of 2016. His remarks in November, addressing criticism of Qatar’s human rights record while hosting the men’s World Cup, caused controversy. He referred to his speech as “today I feel Qatari” and accused critics of being hypocritical.