Alexander-Arnold expresses his desire to be a part of Euro 2024 in a message to Southgate.

Trent Alexander-Arnold is motivated to secure a consistent spot on the England team and is confident that performing well in this current international stint will strengthen his chances of playing a crucial role in the upcoming European Championship.

Alexander-Arnold is expected to be in the starting lineup for the Euro 2024 qualifying match against Malta on Friday night. He believes that his national team career is finally ready to flourish. Due to an injury, the Liverpool player was unable to participate in Euro 2020 and had a limited role in the previous World Cup. However, he has recently been given a midfield position and has begun to showcase his talents for his country.

The 25-year-old’s artistic abilities have risen to prominence and, although Declan Rice and Jude Bellingham are certain to secure two spots in England’s midfield, the third spot is still up for grabs.

This indicates that Alexander-Arnold will have a lot of drive as Southgate’s team, currently vying for first place in Group C and already securing a spot in the Euros, plays against Malta at Wembley and then visits North Macedonia on Monday. He is aiming for more than just earning a spot on the team.

“I am excited about the chance to compete in the Euros and I am determined to seize this opportunity,” stated Alexander-Arnold. “Each match leading up to the end of the season is a chance for me to earn a starting spot in the Euros. These are significant opportunities and my main focus when arriving at camp. I am fully committed and determined to start in the Euros and contribute to bringing home a trophy for my country.”

Trent Alexander-Arnold produced one of his best England displays against Malta in a midfield role.

Alexander-Arnold sees his performance in midfield against Malta last June as a pivotal moment in his desire to join the leadership group of the squad. He considers it to be his strongest showing while representing England, and credits his confidence going into the game.

I had a conversation with the manager before the camp and he mentioned a possible chance in midfield. Those words sparked something within me. It was an opportunity to seize. I believe that’s exactly what I did.

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Alexander-Arnold’s position for Liverpool is a mix of midfielder and full-back. During a match against Australia last month, Southgate had him play as an inverted right-back. Alexander-Arnold commented, “I’ve never really played the traditional full-back role, but it was as close as you can get to my version of it.”