Jared Leto, known for his attention-seeking behavior, scales the Empire State Building.

The conclusion of the Sag-Aftra strike is undeniably beneficial for the movie industry. With all elements aligned and working towards the same goal for the first time in several months, Hollywood has the opportunity to revive some of its pre-pandemic success. Additionally, this resolution is advantageous for the actors involved.

The end of the strike allows actors to finally have conversations about their work. For instance, Lily Gladstone recently posted a thread of 11 tweets addressing Native American women and youth, cautioning them about the potential impact of watching Killers of the Flower Moon and expressing her desire to share this message for several months.

Above all, the end of the strike signifies that Jared Leto can resume conducting regular interviews instead of resorting to extreme measures like literally scaling the Empire State Building for publicity. I am sharing this information because Leto has actually climbed the Empire State Building for attention.

‘Fascinated with the incredible landmark since he was a child’ … Leto in action.

You may have several inquiries at this juncture. The concise response to all of them is “for attention”. However, the longer explanations are as follows: on Thursday, Leto scaled the Empire State Building, purportedly making him the first person to ever do so, in preparation for his band’s upcoming tour. A direct quote from a genuine press release sent by Live Nation stated: “Since his childhood, [Leto] has been captivated by this iconic landmark and stated ‘The building serves as a testament to the limitless possibilities in the world if we put our minds to it, which is a major source of inspiration for our latest album, It’s the End of the World But It’s a Beautiful Day’.”

I am able to understand to some extent. I have not listened to “It’s the End of the World But It’s a Beautiful Day,” but based on this statement, I can assume that it is either a themed album about the power of group accomplishments or a frustrated outburst about feeling ignored for a short period of time.

However, there could be another factor at play. As his band, Thirty Seconds to Mars, has a substantial fan base, it’s likely that they could have achieved the same ticket sales through email communication. Additionally, it’s important to note that Leto is known for his love of abstract ideas, so let’s consider the possibilities.

Was anybody watching? … Leto tops out.

One possibility is that Leto will portray King Kong. Don’t dismiss this possibility. Leto has become known for fully immersing himself in the method acting approach, even embracing its most unpleasant aspects. The most likely explanation for his recent climb up the Empire State Building is that he is preparing for a role as King Kong in a potential Oscar-worthy film, possibly titled Monkey Trauma. Keep an eye out for other hints that this may be the case. Is Leto noticeably hairier? Has he begun a rivalry with a giant radioactive reptile? Has he abducted any women? These are all significant clues.

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Leto has expressed interest in being a part of a Mission: Impossible movie, which is not far-fetched. It’s natural to initially think “Come on, you’re not Tom Cruise” when seeing Leto climb the Empire State Building, because if anyone was going to do it, it would be Cruise – without a harness and on fire. However, this could be part of a strategy. The previous Mission: Impossible film did not perform as well as expected in theaters and when this happened before with Mission: Impossible III, Paramount considered replacing Cruise with Jeremy Renner for the next film. Leto may be attempting to prove to Hollywood that he is the true successor to Cruise and deserves a role in the upcoming Mission: Impossible movie. Hopefully this is not the case, as it is undoubtedly a terrible idea.

Leto is seeking attention by climbing the Empire State Building. As you pointed out, this is indeed the case. Leto becomes anxious if he is not receiving attention from others. It would be beneficial for him to appear on a talk show.

Source: theguardian.com