Ukrainian elite troops are reportedly carrying out operations in Sudan targeting Russian mercenaries.

Ukrainian elite troops are reportedly carrying out operations in Sudan targeting Russian mercenaries.

According to a video released on Monday, it has been reported that Ukrainian special forces are working in Sudan to assist the country’s army in their fight against Russian Wagner mercenaries who are allied with the rebel Rapid Support Forces (RSF).

The Kyiv Post published a brief video allegedly obtained from Ukrainian military intelligence, a branch that conducts undercover missions. The footage shows a Russian prisoner being questioned alongside two men of African descent.

A soldier from Russia, claiming to be a member of “PMC Wagner,” entered Sudan from the Central African Republic. This Russian group is known to operate in the CAR and their mission was to overthrow the local government in Sudan with a group of approximately 100 fighters.

The video’s location and content have not been confirmed by an independent source.

After months of speculation, it has been revealed that Ukrainian troops are currently carrying out operations in Sudan as a part of a larger effort by Kyiv to target Russian interests beyond the frontlines of the war in Ukraine.

Earlier videos have been shared depicting attacks by kamikaze drones in a Ukrainian style against RSF forces. This has resulted in speculations that the operations were carried out by special forces from Kyiv. Additionally, there have been reports of a sniper with fair skin operating in Sudan, who has been labeled as Ukrainian on social media.

In September, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy and Sudanese Army Chief Abdel Fattah al-Burhan met at Shannon airport in Ireland. During their meeting, Zelenskiy stated, “We addressed our mutual security concerns, specifically the actions of unlawful armed groups supported by Russia.”

The country of Ukraine has been implementing a tactic of carrying out covert military operations within Russia in order to achieve propaganda successes against their adversary. This also serves to demonstrate that their forces are capable of reaching any location, although these operations do not typically hold much military significance.

In the beginning of the year, Ukraine shared a video allegedly depicting a mission carried out by special forces commandos in Russia’s southern Belgorod region. This resulted in local authorities having to move families in order to ensure their safety.

The military forces of Sudan have been engaged in conflict with the RSF since the beginning of spring. Many sources have claimed that the insurgents are receiving assistance from Wagner, which has undergone changes in supervision from Moscow following the passing of its leader, Yevgeny Prigozhin.

The most recent video also reportedly depicts Ukrainian special forces inspecting a military vehicle in the dark, taking a Wagner card from a soldier who appears to be deceased in a seat. However, the footage is too poorly lit and unclear to confirm conclusively.