The oil spill in Tobago is now reaching the waters of Grenada and has the potential to impact Venezuela.

The oil spill in Tobago is now reaching the waters of Grenada and has the potential to impact Venezuela.

Officials have issued a warning that an oil spill, which has contaminated the coast of Tobago in the Caribbean, is now spreading to the waters of Grenada and may have a potential impact on the nearby country of Venezuela.

Eight days following the initial sighting of an overturned and deserted barge by Trinidad and Tobago’s coastguard, the vessel is still releasing fuel and sections of the spill have spread approximately 144km (89 miles) into the Caribbean Sea at a speed of 14km/h.

“The air guard of Trinidad and Tobago conducted a fly-over, and according to Farley Augustine, the chief secretary of Tobago, the object has now entered the territorial waters of Grenada.”

According to Augustine, the current state of the situation is manageable as there is a 40-foot perimeter secured by booms surrounding the wreck. However, fuel is still seeping from the sunken ship.

The leak cannot be stopped until we know the amount and contents of fuel in the barge. Until then, our only options are containment and skimming,” he stated.

The Guardian combined satellite images before and after the incident, revealing the extent of the oil spill on the Tobago coastline. The affected areas were visibly stained black.

Trinidad and the regional organization Caricom have reached out to authorities in Grenada, Panama, Aruba, and Guyana for details pertaining to the disaster as part of their investigation.

An initial inquiry discovered that the barge, whose owner and origin remain unknown, was being towed to the nearby country of Guyana.

On Sunday, authorities declared a state of national emergency and initiated a large-scale cleanup operation.

The government of Venezuela stated that they are keeping track of the spill and have started discussions with the government of Trinidad in order to coordinate a response.

Authorities are unsure if there were any individuals on the barge at the time of its capsizing and subsequent sinking near the coast of Tobago. The search for the tug boat and its proprietor is ongoing.

The leakage has provoked frustration among numerous inhabitants of the country comprised of two islands.

Augustine requested that the owner of the barge come forward and cover the costs for the cleanup.

He informed reporters on Wednesday that we have many inquiries and this is the ideal moment to receive answers to them.

Augustine stated that it is important for us to be aware of the amount and type of material that was being transported, as this will help us understand the situation we are facing, the terrain we are traversing, the bodies of water we are entering, and the mess we are attempting to clean up on our shores.

Fitzgerald Hinds, the minister of national security, stated that the investigation is ongoing. He expressed hopes for a quick and favorable outcome.