The number of fatalities due to the wildfires in Chile has increased to 131.

The number of fatalities due to the wildfires in Chile has increased to 131.

The number of fatalities due to the wildfires in central Chile has increased to 131, and over 300 individuals are still unaccounted for as the fires seem to be subsiding.

The wildfires in the Valparaíso area are reported to be the most catastrophic event in Chile since the 2010 earthquake. Authorities have proposed that certain fires may have been deliberately started.

During a trip to the area, President Gabriel Boric declared that the furniture utilized for the 2023 Pan American Games will be gifted to those affected. He also stated that the administration plans to waive water expenses for 9,200 households impacted by the disaster.

The wildfires started on Friday in the hilly eastern area of Viña del Mar, a popular seaside destination recognized for its Latin music festival. Quilpué and Villa Alemana, two other towns, were also heavily affected as the fires rapidly spread due to dry conditions and powerful winds.

The opening gala of the Viña del Mar festival was cancelled as a gesture of mourning. Several singers who were scheduled to perform, such as Alejandro Sanz, Pablo Alborán, and Maná, shared messages of support and pledged donations.

According to the Forensic Medical Service, numerous bodies found after the fires were challenging to recognize. However, forensic professionals will collect genetic material from individuals who have reported missing family members.

46-year-old Gabriel Leiva shared that his childhood home, along with his parents’ and sisters’ homes, were destroyed in a fire. Sadly, his neighbors, who had known him since he was a child, also lost their lives. As he sifted through the rubble in Viña del Mar, Leiva expressed that his neighbors were like family to him, united not by blood but by the bonds of the heart.

The United Nations expressed their sympathy and pledged to provide aid. Boric expressed his gratitude to President Joe Biden of the United States for his crucial assistance following the tragedy.