A mishap at a power utility caused a raccoon to knock out power in some areas of Toronto, resulting in darkness for residents.

A mishap at a power utility caused a raccoon to knock out power in some areas of Toronto, resulting in darkness for residents.

A solitary raccoon in Toronto caused a power outage for approximately 7,000 individuals in the downtown area on Thursday evening, shedding light on the tense relationship between the city’s residents and the controversial “trash pandas.”

Ontario’s electricity provider, Hydro One, reported that a raccoon caused an equipment malfunction at a downtown station on Thursday evening, resulting in widespread power outages in the city. This interruption also caused temporary delays on a major subway line and water services were shut off. The Toronto Fire Service stated that the power outage left some residents stuck in elevators.

According to outage maps, the outage began around 7:40pm and was completely resolved three hours later.

The wrongdoer, whose future is still a mystery, will ultimately become a part of the increasingly famous group of raccoons in Toronto: the thief who steals doughnuts, the one who rides the subway without paying, the baseball enthusiast, the traveler at the airport, and the money-man.

In recent years, Toronto has actively fought against the clever mammals, but ultimately had to reluctantly admit defeat.

The resilient behavior of raccoons, flourishing in the midst of city chaos, has made them beloved by half of Toronto’s population, who are calling for them to become the city’s official mascot. However, the other half of residents, as shown in a survey, want them to be put to sleep. “They are the creature we have a love-hate relationship with,” explained Suzanne MacDonald, an animal behavior expert.

The urban landscape may be dominated by tall buildings and congested roads, but surprisingly, the city is also home to a diverse array of species. These creatures roam freely and unconcernedly, seemingly unaware of the bustling human population surrounding them. In fact, coyotes can often be found prowling the city’s parks and ravines, while deer casually stroll through residential areas. Just last week, a beaver was even spotted downtown, carrying a hefty branch.

The city remains uncertain about holding a candle-lit vigil on the sidewalk for the raccoon, whose death has not yet been confirmed, after it caused a blackout the day before. This vigil is an unofficial way for the city to mourn deceased animals.

Source: theguardian.com