The UK broadband provider with the most complaints is Virgin Media.

The UK broadband provider with the most complaints is Virgin Media.

According to recent data, Virgin Media is the most heavily criticized broadband provider in the UK, adding to their existing troubles as they are currently being investigated by the regulatory authority for communications.

On Thursday, statistics from Ofcom revealed that Virgin received almost twice as many complaints about their internet services in the months of July to September compared to the next highest provider. Virgin received approximately 32 complaints per 100,000 customers while Now Broadband received 18.

According to Ofcom, there was a widespread increase in complaints across all of Virgin’s broadband, landline, and pay-TV services in the last three months. The increase was deemed “significant.”

According to a representative from Virgin, the recent increase in complaints can be attributed to Ofcom’s official investigation launched in July. They stated that this has resulted in a higher volume of complaints than usual.

The investigation by Ofcom was initiated due to complaints from customers about challenges in canceling contracts and dissatisfaction with the company’s handling of complaints.

Virgin stated that the number of complaints regarding their products from both Virgin Media and O2 remains relatively low compared to their overall customer base.

Fergal Farragher, Ofcom’s consumer protection director, said the regulator acknowledged the impact the investigation had had on complaints, but were “also aware that our investigation was in part based on complaints that customers had already made about Virgin Media’s services. We may publish updates on the investigation on our enforcement bulletin as the investigation progresses.”

On the other hand, O2 was the most frequently reported pay-monthly mobile service provider, as customers expressed concerns regarding the handling of their complaints.

This resulted in a general increase in grievances within the industry, prompting Ofcom to emphasize the need for providers to prioritize enhancing customer service.

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The number of complaints received from Sky’s broadband and landline customers was the lowest compared to other providers.

Virgin Media stated that their main focus is to offer exceptional service to their customers. They acknowledged that the increase in complaints during the third quarter was well below their expectations.

We are committed to cooperating fully with Ofcom’s current investigation and are also investing in all aspects of our company to ensure our customers receive the best experience possible. Our main priority is to address any concerns from our customers immediately and make it simpler for them to receive assistance when necessary.