The member of Parliament alleges that the home secretary referred to Stockton as a “shithole”.

A member of Parliament from the Labour party has alleged that the home secretary, James Cleverly, referred to his constituency as a derogatory term during a session of prime minister’s questions.

Alex Cunningham reported that Cleverly had used this statement in response to a question from the Labour representative for Stockton North during a session of prime minister’s questions. The inquiry posed was, “Why is it that 34% of the children in my district are experiencing poverty?”

Following his decision to speak up in parliament and address the deputy speaker Eleanor Laing, Cunningham stated regarding Cleverly: “He was witnessed and heard uttering: ‘Because it’s a shithole,'” which caused shocked reactions from other Labour MPs.

Cunningham informed Cleverly’s office that he intended to mention him, but unfortunately, the minister did not attend the session.

Cleverly has refuted the claim made by the Guardian that he used the word.

Cunningham stated, “Although he denies being responsible, the audio is indisputable and has been thoroughly reviewed. It is undeniable that these remarks bring disgrace upon the Home Secretary, the corrupt government, and the Conservative party.”

Cunningham inquired about obtaining an apology from the newly-appointed home secretary for the use of offensive language.

According to Laing, the Speaker of the House did not hear any previous remarks of that nature and the reported words were not spoken, although she acknowledges the statement made by the honorable gentleman.

“It can be challenging to accurately hear and interpret what is said during the chaotic prime minister’s questions. As the chair, I am unable to make a judgement on the specific words spoken. However, I empathize with the honorable gentleman’s concern.”

“I want to emphasize to all members the importance of using respectful and moderate language in this chamber. It is essential that we adhere to the principles of decency, especially when discussing other members, their constituents, and the constituencies they represent.”

Laing stated that she was unable to make a decision, but she was confident that an apology would be given if deemed necessary.

According to a spokesperson from Cleverly, the home secretary did not and would not use the words that Cunningham had accused him of using.

The representative stated that he is upset by the accusation.