The family of the person who killed Brianna Ghey apologizes and honors her mother.

The family of the person who killed Brianna Ghey apologizes and honors her mother.

The relatives of Scarlett Jenkinson, who received a 22-year sentence for killing Brianna Ghey, have expressed sincere apologies for the “brutal” acts committed by the young murderer and honored Brianna’s mother.

The judge referred to Jenkinson as the main instigator of the murder and sentenced her on Friday. The Crown Prosecution Service stated that this was one of the most unsettling cases their lawyers had handled. Eddie Ratcliffe, her partner in the crime, received a 20-year prison sentence.

At the time of the incident, both individuals were 15 years old and executed their plot to kill 16-year-old Brianna using a hunting knife in a vicious and frenzied manner in February of the previous year. They were recently named in court after the judge removed restrictions on reporting.

On Friday, Jenkinson’s family issued a statement expressing their concern for Brianna and her family.

“The past year has been a nightmare as we have learned the harsh reality of Scarlett’s actions. We support the jury’s decision, the judge’s ruling, and the choice to reveal the guilty parties.”

Once the perpetrators were found guilty, Esther Ghey, the mother of Brianna, urged for understanding and kindness towards their families who have also experienced the loss of a child. She acknowledged that they will have to bear the burden of knowing their child’s actions for the rest of their lives.

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The family of Jenkinson expressed their gratitude towards Brianna’s mother for her selflessness and understanding during a difficult time, acknowledging the impact it had on their lives.

They expressed their gratitude for her immense compassion and stated that they will always be thankful. They also extended apologies to Brianna’s loved ones, community, and others who have been impacted by this tragedy.

According to Manchester Crown Court, 16-year-old Jenkinson took pleasure in the act of killing and found the idea of violence to be sexually stimulating.

Mrs Justice Yip determined that Ratcliffe had displayed prejudice against trans individuals in regards to the victim.

Yip stated that Jenkinson’s actions were driven by a strong urge to take a life, and expressed alarm upon learning that she had expressed this desire again after being found guilty. Following her detainment, she created a new list of targets for murder, which included the names of some of her caretakers, according to the court.

The judge addressed both defendants, stating, “You chose Brianna as your victim because you believed she would be an easy target.”

Yip cautioned the duo that they could potentially face lifelong imprisonment if they continue to pose a threat. While Jenkinson maintained her innocence in the murder, the Manchester crown court was informed that she confessed to being involved in the stabbing after being found guilty, retracting her previous accusation of Ratcliffe being responsible for the crime.

According to court testimony, Jenkinson admitted to a psychiatrist that she had stabbed Brianna multiple times and found it thrilling because she believed it would end their friendship. She confessed to killing Brianna in order to have her as a constant companion.

Jenkinson, who had a fixation on serial killers, confessed to the psychiatrist that she planned to keep parts of Brianna’s body as a memento. She had previously expressed to Ratcliffe her desire to keep Brianna’s beautiful eyes.

During the court proceedings, it was revealed that Brianna was stabbed a total of 28 times. However, there was no proof to suggest that the perpetrators had removed any body parts.