The customers at Chester Market were forced to evacuate due to the effects of chilli fumes.

The customers at Chester Market were forced to evacuate due to the effects of chilli fumes.

A market in Chester was cleared out on Saturday due to fumes from a stall-holder’s excessive cooking of chillies.

The Chester fire and rescue service reported that fumes from cooking a large amount of chilli oil had infiltrated the market’s ventilation system.

The Chester fire station shared on X: “There are emergency responders at Chester Market in response to reports of customers being impacted by fumes.”

“We had to cook a large quantity of chillies, but there are no concerns about public health. The market has been cleared, but we are working to resume normal operations as soon as possible.”

In a statement, the Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service reported that firefighters responded to reports of fumes affecting customers at Chester Market.

Five fire trucks were dispatched to the city center location on Hunter Street. The statement also mentioned that a barrier was set up around the market as a precaution and to allow emergency services to move freely around the area.

“Despite a thorough search of the premises by four firefighters in breathing apparatus, no evidence of fire or smoke was found.”

“Teams worked together to safely evacuate the market as authorities investigated the source of the fumes.”

Several users on X found the situation humorous. “My kitchen is often evacuated for the same reason as Chester Market,” one commenter quipped.

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In 2022, Chester Market relocated to a newly constructed market hall in the hopes of becoming a contemporary take on a traditional market, similar to London’s Borough Market. The market will feature a mix of food vendors and locally-sourced goods.

The market has been forced to shut down for the second time since it moved locations. Last year in March, the market was closed for two weeks due to a gas explosion that caused serious injuries to three individuals.