Keir Starmer stands by his proposal for a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza, citing its effectiveness in delivering aid quickly – Live updates on UK politics.

The leaders of the Labour council are calling for your resignation. The Labour party appears to be severely fragmented. How do you plan to address this issue?

Starmer acknowledges the intense emotions surrounding this issue, not only within the Labour party, but also throughout the entire nation.

He claims that this is not about the stance of Labour, but rather about reducing suffering. Innocent children are losing their lives.

He suggests that the most efficient and feasible method of providing assistance to people is to implement a humanitarian ceasefire.

According to him, Anthony Blinken, the US secretary of state, is currently in Israel advocating for this.

UPDATE: Starmer said:

I am not focused on the specific stances of individuals in the Labour party. My main concern is alleviating the suffering that exists. Currently, it is crucial for humanitarian aid to efficiently reach Gaza.

We are witnessing the tragic scenes of young children and innocent civilians losing their lives and enduring great pain in this circumstance.

In my opinion, the most efficient and feasible approach to bring about change would be to implement a humanitarian break and intensify efforts to allow the delivery of essential supplies such as water, medicine, and fuel. The situation is desperate and urgent.

Currently, Secretary of State Blinken is in Israel advocating for the same things that I mentioned just a few days ago.

Whatever the individual positions of members of my party, that is not my focus. My focus is in driving forward to make sure that all of us can take responsibility for ensuring that we do what we can to alleviate that situation.

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Defense Secretary Grant Shapps has urged Israel to make every effort possible to provide aid to Gaza.

During a visit to the Rolls Royce facility in Derby, UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps and his Australian counterpart Richard Marles discussed the production of nuclear submarine parts as part of the Aukus partnership. Shapps stated that while Israel has the right to take action against Hamas, it should adhere to international laws.

Israel is a democratic nation and has a duty to abide by international humanitarian laws. I have conveyed this message both publicly and privately, including in a recent meeting with the Israeli ambassador in London.

In regards to the meeting, Shapps stated in his comment:

Yesterday, I met with the ambassador from Israel and we discussed our shared desire for Israel to make every effort and use all resources available to deliver the aid. Our intention is for the aid to reach the Palestinian population, which is why we are providing it.

At 1:25 pm, it is evident that this is a widely supported issue among the conservative group. Richard Tice, the head of Reform UK (the successor to the Brexit party), has released a statement advocating for the prohibition of pro-Palestinian demonstrations in the UK next week. He believes that this ban should be implemented by any means necessary. It appears that he is influenced by Tory MP Henry Smith’s call for military involvement.

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign has no plans to arrange a protest in the vicinity of the Cenotaph. The director, Ben Jamal, states that they have no intention of doing so.

The efforts to portray the scheduled nationwide protest on November 11, which is a part of a series of weekly marches advocating for a ceasefire, as an act of disrespect towards Remembrance Day ceremonies is either misguided or intentionally provoking public unrest. We are particularly troubled by remarks made by right-wing figures such as Douglas Murray, urging individuals to intervene and prevent these “barbaric” demonstrations.

We do not have any intentions to march near Whitehall or the Cenotaph. We are selecting a different route that avoids those locations, in coordination with the Metropolitan police. Additionally, the march will not commence until a considerable amount of time has passed after the 2 minutes of silence at 11 o’clock.

A demonstration is being held to demand a ceasefire and end the ongoing violence in Gaza. Labeling this peaceful protest on November 11 as disrespectful and politically motivated is dishonest and harmful, and it undermines the efforts of the numerous individuals who wish for the fighting to come to an end.

Keir Starmer stepping down or being ousted due to the Gaza conflict.

However, this does not prevent the question from being intriguing.

The answer, of course, is that it would depend on who replaced him. If there were a contest tomorrow, judging by their reception at conference (and the increasing pressure on Labour to stop being the only main party in British politics that has not had a woman as full-time leader), Rachel Reeves and Angela Rayner would be the candidates to beat.

Starmer’s leadership has resulted in success for the Labour Party due to his ability to convince the public that the party has significantly transformed from the time of Corbyn. Any potential leader who deviates from this approach may open the door for the Conservatives. However, Reeves is committed to maintaining the Starmerite strategy. With Rayner at the helm, the party’s stance may lean towards the left, but she also possesses some interesting blue Labour tendencies (including views on law and order that are stronger than Suella Braverman’s). It is highly improbable that the Tories could accuse Labour of reverting back to its 2019 state under her leadership.

Starmer outperforms Rishi Sunak in a hypothetical election for prime minister. I have not come across any polls for Reeves, Rayner, or other prominent Labour members on this matter, but Sunak’s approval ratings are low enough that achieving a victory on this measure would not be difficult.

It is highly likely that the Labour party could gain even more popularity with a new leader. In 1994, Labour was already projected to win the next election with John Smith as their leader, and Tony Blair only accelerated this trend.

However, it is more likely that a new leader would not have a significant impact. The Conservative Party has been negatively affected by Partygate and the actions of Liz Truss. The key factor in predicting the outcome of the next election is that a considerable portion of voters appeared to have lost faith in them last year – at least until the next parliamentary term.

The report says:

The goal of the suggestions presented in this document is to bring about favorable results for our communities and public services, as well as for those who wish to reside, work, and raise their families in Scotland. In addition to enhancing Scotland’s cultural diversity, individuals who have made the decision to live and work here play a vital role in our economy – they help fill skill gaps in important industries and contribute greatly to our population growth.

The strategy of this administration would prioritize fairness for nations in the Global South. We would take heed of the Windrush controversy and guarantee strong safeguards for the rights of migrants. This entails eliminating biased obstacles so that individuals from the Global South have equal opportunities to the Scottish immigration system.

In a statement, Shirley-Anne Somerville, the Scottish government’s social justice secretary, expressed that…

The population of Scotland is expected to decrease compared to other nations in the UK due to the current constitutional arrangements. This will result in a decrease in the number of individuals employed, paying taxes, and supporting public services such as the NHS. However, Scotland is still subjected to the UK government’s hostile stance on immigration, which is causing harm to our economy.

Having power over our own migration policy would allow us to substitute it with a system that prioritizes dignity, fairness, and respect, acknowledging that this is ultimately about people and their loved ones.


Starmer believes that the north-east region has great potential for growth through the implementation of sustainable energy sources.

He claims that the government’s actions towards achieving net zero are a grave error.

In previous years, he believed that there was agreement on this issue, according to his statements. However, Rishi Sunak has recently shifted his stance and is now opposed to the net zero agenda. He continues by saying:

It will become a topic of debate during the next election.

He believes it is a significant error, as the shift towards achieving net zero presents immense potential. He also mentions that the US government under President Biden has acknowledged this.

This concludes the question and answer session.

How will the Labour Party make sure that businesses have a say in the creation of economic policies?

Starmer acknowledges that we have implemented devolution to mayors, but the potential ramifications of this decision have not been thoroughly considered.

He expresses a desire for growth, specifically the most consistent growth among the G7 countries.

He expresses a desire for a growth model that encompasses all regions of the country instead of relying on a single area. He advocates for growth in all sectors of the economy.

The Labour party must be daring in distributing authority, decision-making power, and funds to regions where decisions can be effectively carried out.

According to him, the most suitable choices regarding the north-east should be made within the region itself.

According to him, the government’s program for levelling up entails distributing funds from someone in London.

He claims he would delegate responsibility and believes in collaborating with businesses. He also states that he would not be fixated on a specific approach for achieving this.

Starmer believes that the NHS is a prime illustration of the use of what he refers to as “band-aid politics.”

According to him, there is a crisis every winter. The government’s solution is always to provide additional funding, but it is usually done too late. He believes a different approach is necessary.

How do you feel about the evidence presented in the Covid inquiry this week?

According to Starmer, the evidence presented is a damning criticism of how the government operated during that time.

During this time, he claims that companies would not accept the type of actions that were witnessed at No 10.

UPDATE: Starmer said:

The disparity between that conduct and the conduct observed in other settings is significant.

It is essential that all questions are addressed. Currently, we are still in the early stages of gathering evidence. However, the individuals with the most pressing inquiries are those who have experienced the loss of a loved one, especially those who were unable to say goodbye.

Each person in this space has likely been affected by the events during that time. I believe the government should be held accountable for its actions during this period.

However, there is a significant discrepancy between the actions being described and the actions that myself and everyone in this room would anticipate in their work environment.

The sooner this administration is held responsible for that, the more beneficial it will be.

Can you clarify if a frontbencher advocating for a ceasefire will face consequences?

Starmer has stated his stance and as the leader, he must evaluate how to enforce collective responsibility. He plans to do so. However, he clarifies that while outlining the Labour party’s stance, he has not taken into account the opinions of individual party members.

According to him, Gaza is united in its goal to reduce suffering. He continues:

Gaza also exhibits unity.

Regardless of whether individuals are requesting a cessation of hostilities or a temporary pause for humanitarian reasons, the motivation remains the same.

This is a widespread sentiment, not exclusive to the Labour party. People all over the country are yearning for relief from the distressing situation that we witness daily on our screens through images and news reports.

It is unsurprising that individuals are seeking any available solution to improve the dire circumstances.

I do not believe that should be considered a significant separation. It is a natural human feeling.

I can relate to that feeling. As a parent of two children, it breaks my heart to see other children dying.

However, my focus has been on finding a practical solution to improve the current situation.

What are your boundaries in regards to what actions Israel can be permitted to take?

In his speech on Tuesday, Starmer stated his position.

The individual argues that suggesting Israel relinquish its right to self-defense is an inappropriate reaction.

Starmer is currently open to receiving inquiries.

Can you explain your plans to address the division within the Labour party, especially with two council leaders calling for your resignation?

Starmer acknowledges the strong sentiments surrounding this issue, not only within the Labour party but throughout the nation.

He believes that this is not about Labour’s stance, but rather about reducing suffering. Innocent children are losing their lives.

He suggests that the most efficient and feasible approach to assisting people is to implement a humanitarian pause.

According to him, the current US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, is currently in Israel and advocating for this.

UPDATE: Starmer said:

I am not concerned with the specific views of individuals in the Labour party. My focus is on reducing the suffering. Currently, it is crucial that we expedite the delivery of humanitarian aid to Gaza.

In this scenario, we are witnessing the tragic deaths and suffering of children and innocent civilians.

I believe the fastest and most efficient method for bringing about change would be to implement a humanitarian pause and exert pressure to allow the much-needed aid – including water, medicine, and fuel – to enter via trucks.

Currently, Secretary of State Blinken is currently in Israel, advocating for the same principles that I mentioned just a couple of days ago…

Regardless of where my party members stand, my main goal is to actively work towards ensuring that we all take responsibility for improving the situation at hand.

Starmer believes the king’s speech should focus on a “nationwide effort to revive construction in Britain and cultivate our country from the ground up.”

He concludes by expressing his desire to witness a Britain that has regained its future.

According to Starmer, the Labour plan to boost the economy consists of three components.

In its press release released overnight, Labour summarized them in this manner.

A fresh approach to developing skills: through revamping the higher education system with specialized technical colleges, offering customized courses created in collaboration with local enterprises to meet specific skill requirements, and transforming the ineffective Apprenticeship Levy into a Growth and Skills Levy that grants businesses the desired flexibility to train employees and drive growth.

The Labour party plans to invest in the British industry by creating a National Wealth Fund specifically for battery gigafactories, clean steel plants, upgraded ports, and carbon capture. They also aim to implement a strong industrial strategy to boost these sectors, including supporting the transition of UK automotive supply chains through their automotive strategy. Additionally, Labour will introduce a British Jobs Bonus that will create 65,000 new jobs in the clean energy sector. This bonus will directly reward companies that create jobs and supply chains in the UK, particularly in regions like the North East.

Deliver new roads, rail and energy: reforming the planning system to speed up delivery of infrastructure. A Labour government will do this by updating policy statements, ensuring consultation is proportionate, cutting down on litigation, taking politics out of decision making and creating a powerful new to directorate to crack down on delay.

Starmer is currently providing instances of how he believes planning rules impede infrastructure investment.

According to him, the proposal for a tunnel beneath the Thames in east London is equivalent to 30 times the length of Shakespeare’s complete works, spanning 60,000 pages. This project has already cost taxpayers £800 million, yet no construction has even begun.

He claims that the request to build the Sizewell C nuclear power plant in Suffolk included a massive 40,000 pages of environmental data, but was delayed in court due to inadequate evaluation of its environmental impact.

He goes on:

As a nation, we cannot continue in this manner due to financial constraints.

According to him, infrastructure used to be constructed at a faster pace in the past.

The author states that the main structure of the highway system was constructed during the 1950s and 1960s, which was a shorter time frame than discussing the conversion of a section of the A1 into a two-lane road.

According to him, the National Grid was finished within eight years, which is shorter than the time it currently takes for some companies to establish a connection.

Starmer states that a Labour leader’s speech would prioritize the task of constructing.

We will address the obstacles that prevent British aspirations from being realized.

We will construct 1.5 million homes throughout Britain, providing opportunities for first-time buyers in the North East.

A new system to assist in the expansion of businesses, families, and communities. Faster and more affordable construction of roads, warehouses, grid connections, and labs.

In addition, this offers a reward for your business – an opportunity to enhance your skills, create a more content workforce, increase energy and demand, and ultimately drive growth.