Badenoch alleges that Starmer is taking advantage of the tragic incident involving Brianna Ghey, following Sunak’s transphobic remark at Prime Minister’s Questions – updates on UK politics

Badenoch alleges that Starmer is taking advantage of the tragic incident involving Brianna Ghey, following Sunak’s transphobic remark at Prime Minister’s Questions – updates on UK politics

Labour that was weaponising it.

Each and every murder is a heartbreaking event that should not be minimized for the sake of political gain. As a mother myself, I can empathize with the pain and suffering that Esther Ghey has likely gone through.

Starmer’s connection of his own confusion about sex and gender to one’s grief was disgraceful.

As the Minister for Women and Equalities, I have made every effort to reduce the intensity of discussions surrounding LGBT issues while remaining steadfast in our values and beliefs.

Keir Starmer’s actions today demonstrate that Labour is willing to use this matter as a weapon when it benefits them (2/2)

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The act of using it as a weapon.

Every murder is a tragedy. None should be trivialised by political point-scoring. As a mother, I can imagine the trauma that Esther Ghey has endured.

It was shameful of Starmer to link his own inability to be clear on the matter of sex and gender directly to her grief. (1/2)

As the Minister for Women and Equalities, I have taken steps to calm the discussion on LGBT issues and remain transparent about our values and morals.

Keir Starmer’s actions today demonstrate that Labour is willing to exploit this matter for their own gain when it is convenient for them.

She claims that she is resigning due to her husband, Alex Aiken, who is the executive director for the Government Communication Service, accepting a position overseas.

Aiken won by a margin of 3,953 votes in the last election for the Cities of London and Westminster.

Based on this compilation from the House of Commons library, she is the 55th member of the Conservative Party to announce their resignation – or 58th if independent MPs who were originally elected as Conservatives are counted.

The recovery plan for dental care in England.

Rishi Sunak should issue an apology for his derogatory remark towards the transgender community. The speaker expressed her shock and disappointment at hearing Sunak’s insensitive joke during LGBT history month, especially on a day when Brianna Ghey’s mother was present in parliament.

She went on:

As elected officials, our goal is to better the lives of others. However, with the current rise in attacks against the trans community from both within and outside of this place, it is our responsibility to carefully consider our language and approach towards these issues and the trans and non-binary community.

I am counting on the deputy speaker to assist me in devising a plan to ensure that the prime minister issues an apology.

Deputy Speaker Dame Eleanor Laing stated that she is not responsible for demanding Rishi Sunak to change his statements.

However, she honored Esther Ghey by stating that in times of tragedy, it is important to show compassion and empathy rather than using it as an opportunity for political gain.

It is necessary for Rishi Sunak to issue an apology for his derogatory remark against the transgender community during PMQs. According to a statement, remarks that dehumanize individuals from those in positions of power have the potential to cause harm.

A recent survey conducted by Ipsos on behalf of STV, a commercial TV channel in Scotland, shows the Scottish National Party with a seven point lead in a Westminster election at 39%, compared to 32% for Labour. The SNP also holds a nine point lead in the constituency vote for Holyrood, with 39%. The survey also found that the SNP continues to hold the public’s trust in areas such as healthcare, education, and policies related to the cost of living.

According to Humza Yousaf’s advisors, these results challenge the belief that Labour is likely to defeat the SNP in the upcoming general election in Scotland. This belief was based on Labour’s previous victory over the SNP in the Rutherglen byelection in October.

Different surveys show that Labour and the SNP are in close proximity in a Westminster election. In a recent survey, Panelbase found that Labour was leading by three points, while Redfield & Wilton has had Labour leading by two points or being tied with the SNP.

According to Anas Sarwar, the leader of the Scottish Labour party, their findings suggest that they are at or near 35% in terms of general election votes. Labour considers this to be the crucial number, as it could potentially sway a significant number of Scottish National Party seats to their side.

According to certain survey experts, Ipsos’s approach is considered to be more precise compared to other polls conducted by businesses. YouGov, Panelbase, Survation, and Redfield & Wilton typically rely on online panels comprised of registered individuals, who may receive incentives to participate. On the other hand, Ipsos reaches out to voters via phone calls and has access to a broader and potentially more diverse pool of participants.

Unfortunately, the latest Ipsos data shows concerning results for the SNP as there is a noticeable rise in support for Labour. Back in May 2023, the SNP held a 12-point advantage in a Westminster election, but by November of that same year, it had decreased to 10 points. In terms of the Holyrood vote, the SNP’s lead has also decreased from 14 points in May to 12 points in November.

In terms of trust ratings, there has been a similar decline in both the SNP’s ratings for the NHS, schools, and economy (dropping by five or six points since May 2022) and an increase of seven points for Labour in all three categories.


The spokesperson deemed the statement made at 11:53pm as absurd and incorrect. They stated, “The statement is not in line with our beliefs.”

The estimation is absurd and based on false presumptions. They have calculated the cost of someone else’s plan, not Labour’s.

According to a post on X, Nick Macpherson, who served as the Treasury’s permanent secretary from 2005 to 2016, appears to share the same viewpoint.

In the upcoming 9 months, we will have to endure numerous evaluations of Opposition policies by the official Treasury. Throughout history, these costings have lacked credibility regardless of the ruling party. Assumptions are determined by political advisors. #garbageintrashout

The representative stated that the Labour party is receptive to the idea of prohibiting access to social media on mobile devices.

Rishi Sunak apologizes for his offensive comment towards the transgender community. Here are a few instances.

Anneliese Dodds, the opposition spokesperson for women and equalities

Rishi Sunak has a history of using LGBT+ individuals as the subject of his mean-spirited jokes.

Making inappropriate comments about transgender individuals in the presence of Brianna Ghey’s mother is a disgraceful and unacceptable behavior.

We need to improve upon this. The Prime Minister should offer an immediate apology.

Daisy Cooper, the deputy leader of the Liberal Democrats

Terrible events during #PMQs as Sunak ridicules transgender individuals (“what defines a woman”) in front of Esther Ghey, mother of Brianna Ghey, who is present in the House of Commons gallery.

The Prime Minister’s actions have brought disgrace upon his position and the government. Members of Parliament are rightfully demanding an apology.


Caroline Lucas, a member of the Green Party, stated:

Despite Brianna Ghey’s mother being present in the audience, the Prime Minister cannot resist making inflammatory comments about cultural differences. Is there any low point that he won’t stoop to?

From Labour’s Ben Bradshaw

Disgusting man, Rishi Sunak, making transphobic slurs at PMQs with Brianna Ghey’s mother in the gallery & dodging the chance to apologise. Brilliant & genuinely furious response from @Keir_Starmer

, Chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Coronavirus

Matt Western, the Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Coronavirus from the Labour party.

In the same week we’ve been outraged by the comments of 3 Conservative Cllrs on SEND children, we now hear the PM mocking trans people whilst Brianna Ghey’s mother is in the audience.

people in society.

It’s absolutely terrifying. On a national and local level, they’re singling out individuals who are already in a disadvantaged position in society.

From Labour’s Sarah Champion


During Prime Minister’s Questions, Rishi made a joke about trans people while Brianna Ghey’s mother was present in Parliament. To make matters worse, it was obviously planned and rehearsed. What is the issue with these individuals?

, MP

Zarah Sultana, Member of Parliament for Labour

I am appalled to hear Rishi Sunak make a discriminatory remark about transgender individuals in the House of Commons, especially while Brianna Ghey’s mother is present in the audience.

The tragic killing of Brianna, driven by hatred towards transgender individuals, should have served as a lesson for politicians to stop promoting this discrimination.