Wimbledon’s service was at fault over ticket name change

Wimbledon’s service was at fault over ticket name change

I have tickets to the Wimbledon tennis championships that are in my name, and I was hoping to transfer them to my wife so she could take her mother, who is 80 and was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. She would love to attend for the first time.

I contacted the ticket office and was initially turned down. I explained the situation, the team was consulted and I was then given approval if I provided documentation that my wife and I lived at the same address – thus providing proof that I wasn’t simply trying to sell the tickets.

I did this, but since then another bit of the ticketing office has become involved and turned down the request. I have offered to send documentation of my mother-in-law’s diagnosis.

Ironically, I volunteer to help run our local LTA tennis club, but can’t resolve this. Can you?

CK, Essex

In fairness to the All England Club, which runs Wimbledon, this was all resolved within 24 hours of me sending the press team your email.

All being well, your wife and her mother are attending the championships on Saturday 6 July.

It seems the sticking point was the fact that your tickets came from the Lawn Tennis Association’s allocation. These are given to club members rather than directly from the All England Club, which organises the tournament and sells the majority of tickets directly to the public.

Hopefully, the rain holds off and the visit is worth your mother-in-law’s 80-year wait.

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