Ons Jabeur donates a portion of her WTA Finals earnings to aid Palestinians, stating “I am filled with despair.” – video

Ons Jabeur has said she is donating part of her WTA Finals prize money to help Palestinians after her first win at the tournament in Cancun. The Tunisian former world No 2 avenged her Wimbledon final loss to Markéta Vondroušová with a 6-4, 6-3 win, making a comeback in the semi-final race after Monday’s loss to Coco Gauff. In the post match interview she fought back tears as she spoke about the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

She expressed feelings of despair and helplessness, stating that she believes she is unable to take any action. She longs for a solution, such as a magic hand, that could bring an end to the current situation and bring peace to all. She also considers donating money as a potential way to offer some support, but acknowledges that it may not have much impact in the face of the struggles they are facing. Ultimately, she wishes for freedom and peace for everyone.