Novak Djokovic emerged victorious over Hubert Hurkacz in the ATP Finals, with a live recap of the match.

Novak Djokovic may become irritated with an interviewer on the court. However, this may not happen immediately.

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ATP Finals.

Based on the information from the official website, Hurkacz is solely focused on earning ranking points and does not prioritize the accomplishment of defeating the world’s top-ranked player. In simpler terms, the tournament regulations do not allow a substitute who has only participated once to advance to the semifinals.

In the 2021 Wimbledon tournament, Roger Federer won in consecutive sets.

Here is Djokovic, wearing a stylish green tracksuit top.

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The enthusiastic local audience in Turin propelled them to a three-set victory.

In summary, if Djokovic doesn’t win against Hurkacz today and Sinner defeats Rune tonight, there is a possibility that he could be eliminated in the group stage of the ATP Finals. The outcome of the Green Group could also be determined by a complicated tiebreak involving these two players.

Poland’s Hurkacz will compete in a single game in Turin as a replacement, after Stefanos Tsitsipas withdrew due to injury. Despite being ranked 9th in the world, Hurkacz poses a significant threat with his strong serve if he can get in his groove.

Djokovic may view losing a single match as unlucky, but losing two could be seen as careless. Will he secure a spot in the semi-finals with a win?

The start time of the match is 1:30pm in the UK.