Medvedev defeats Zverev in thrilling semi-final match following Sinner’s shocking victory over Djokovic: Live updates from the Australian Open.

Medvedev defeats Zverev in thrilling semi-final match following Sinner’s shocking victory over Djokovic: Live updates from the Australian Open.

Alexander Zverev may face difficulties in the coming years. However, we will give our all. Please tune in again tomorrow for the women’s final! Oh wow! See you later.

Daniil Medvedev is a complete freak of nature, an unbelievable athlete and competitor. He didn’t even play that well, but he worked out how to do enough, and gave us one of the great comebacks. He knows about those on this court, and meets Jannik Sinner in the final on Sunday

Medvedev 5-7 3-6 7-6(4) 7-6(5)5-3 Zverev* It’s not the surprising to see Zverev drop – he played the match of his life just two days ago and the pressure is intense. But it didn’t look like Medvedev could improve sufficiently to win three sets straight, yet here he is and we are … and two more errors from Zverev, going long and into the net, leave him two points from a defeat he’ll wear around his neck until the day he dies. He looks like he could cry after closing to 15-30 and I’m sure he can, all the more so when he overhits a forehand down the line … no, it clipped its outermost fibre … but then a backhand is definitively long, and DANIIL MEDVEDEV HAS MATCH POINT! I SAID DANIIL MEDVEDEV HAS MATCH POINT! AND HE TAKES IT TOO, A ZVEREV FOREHAND CATCHING THE NET-CORD AND FLOPPING WIDE! WHAT ON EARTH HAVE WE SEEN HERE? HOLD ME!

Medvedev loses the first two sets 5-7 and 3-6, but manages to win the next two sets 7-6(4) and 7-6(5). In the fifth set, he leads 5-3 against Zverev. Medvedev initially makes a mistake on a forehand shot, but in the following rally, Zverev hits a shot that goes out of bounds. At the start of the match, Zverev was playing strategically, but now he is trying too hard to hit precise shots. After making two errors, Zverev is down 30-15. He then hits a backhand shot that goes long and follows it up with a return that hits the net. Surprisingly, Medvedev is now only one game away from securing a spot in the final!

Medvedev lost the first two sets 5-7 and 3-6, but managed to win the next two sets 7-6(4) and 7-6(5). Currently, he is leading with a score of 4-3 against Zverev. Zverev made a mistake again, giving Medvedev a chance to win the game. However, Zverev seems to be struggling to find a balance between attacking and being cautious. In the earlier part of the match, it was Medvedev who faced this challenge, but now as Zverev’s performance has declined, Medvedev has improved. He manages to hold his serve to 15 and appears to be in better form. The question is, can he win back his break?

Medvedev and Zverev are playing a match, with Medvedev currently trailing 2-4 in the fifth set. Zverev had previously won the first two sets, but Medvedev is now making a comeback. Zverev has a history of losing leads in important matches, like in the US Open during the COVID pandemic. As the match reaches crucial points, Zverev makes some mistakes and appears desperate. It’s possible that Medvedev might be able to turn things around and win the match.

Medvedev lost to Zverev in a close match with the final score of 5-7, 3-6, 7-6 (4), 7-6 (5), 3-2.

The crowd gasps as Zverev’s shot hits the net and causes a 15-15 tie. He attempts a forehand winner, but misses, followed by a missed volley at the net. Zverev is visibly frustrated and angrily smashes the net, resulting in a reprimand. This leads to two significant break points. Zverev successfully makes an overhead shot to save the first point, and then dramatically saves the next by diving for a volley winner, bringing the score to deuce and improving his mood. However, Medvedev manages to land a precise winner on a small area of the court, giving him another break point. Zverev’s first serve is in, but he takes a risky shot and ultimately hits the net. For the first time in the match, Medvedev takes the lead.

Medvedev* 5-7 3-6 7-6(4) 7-6(5) 2-2 Zverev

Medvedev was pushed to the back of the court and committed an error, resulting in a score of 15-15. However, he quickly recovered and played a skillful shot down the line after a baseline exchange, bringing the score to 30-15. Zverev then made a mistake and hit the ball out of bounds, giving Medvedev a score of 40-15. In the following rally, Medvedev strategically outmaneuvered his opponent to secure the point and win the game.

Medvedev 5-7 3-6 7-6(4) 7-6(5) 1-2 *Zverev

Zverev takes his time bouncing the ball and is drawn into a lengthy rally, earning him a point with a spectacular drop shot. He continues with another rally and another successful drop volley. Medvedev struggles to keep up, but manages to win the point after Zverev misses an opportunity for a Sampras-style slam dunk due to incorrect angles. However, Zverev redeems himself with an ace, keeping the game tied.

Medvedev and Zverev are currently tied at 1-1 in the match, with Medvedev winning the third and fourth sets in tiebreakers. Zverev won the first two sets.

Medvedev’s serve is now performing well, although it may not be as strong as his opponent’s. He is able to easily hold his serve.

Zverev defeated Medvedev in a close match with a score of 5-7, 3-6, 7-6(4), 7-6(5), 0-1.

Alright, it ultimately boils down to this moment. Sinner must be thrilled. Despite Zverev easily winning this match, Medvedev surrenders by hitting a weak slice into the net, resulting in an effortless hold.

Medvedev lost to Zverev in a close match with a final score of 5-7, 3-6, 7-6 (4), 7-6 (5).

Zverev starts with a serve and leads 1-1, followed by some long ball bouncing before he smashes from the net to make it 2-1. Then Medvedev uses a serve and volley technique to tie it up at 2-2. His racket seems like a magic wand. He surprises with a backhand down the line to take a 3-2 lead. Zverev responds with a big serve and volley to even it at 3-3. The pattern continues as Zverev hits a powerful backhand for a 4-3 lead. As expected, Zverev evens the score at 4-4. It’s now 5-4 and two shots against the grain will bring us to a fourth set. Medvedev moves quickly around the court and ties it up at 5-5. He then surprises with a baseline drop shot on the return and will now serve for the set. Did he intend to do that? We can’t be sure. He successfully serves it out and we head to a fifth set.

In the first rally, Medvedev has a strong start but Zverev manages to hit a backhand cross for a winning shot. Medvedev challenges the call, causing a delay. Zverev tells the umpire that he knew the ball was in. Despite the interruption, Medvedev handles it well and serves an ace to win the next point quickly. However, he makes a mistake with a backhand down the line, allowing Zverev to take the set. John Brewin will take over commentary as I need to go pick up my children from school.

Medvedev has won the match with a score of 5-7, 3-6, 7-6(4), 6-5 against Zverev. Zverev made a backhand error, giving Medvedev a 30-0 lead. Despite Zverev’s subsequent winner, Medvedev was able to hold on to his lead and win the game with ease. He has shown great determination to push through and win the match.

Medvedev and Zverev are currently tied at 5-5 in the fourth set, with Medvedev having won the first set 5-7 and the second set 3-6. The third set went to a tiebreak, which Zverev won 7-6(4). It’s truly remarkable what these players are capable of both physically and mentally, performing under immense pressure with no room for error. Zverev effortlessly holds his serve to 15, seemingly unfazed by the intensity of the match. It appears that the fourth set will also come down to a tiebreak.

Medvedev enters the court with a 5-7 3-6 7-6(4) 5-4 lead over Zverev. His attempt at a half volley goes just wide, followed by a wide and chaotic swing, resulting in a 0-30 score for Zverev. However, Zverev’s next shot is poor and falls long, and Medvedev responds with a flat ace out wide, his go-to when feeling pressure and serving on the advantage court. After this, the game takes a turn and Zverev must now hold to prevent a tiebreaker that seemed improbable just an hour ago.

“Kyrgios exclaims with excitement as Medvedev executes a powerful backhand winner for 0-15. Kyrgios comments on Medvedev’s impressive performance. Zverev responds with a strong groundstroke but also misses one, bringing the score to 15-30. Zverev then makes it 30-all with a beautiful cross-court forehand, but Medvedev manages to stretch and make a stunning volley, earning him the nickname ‘the Slim Reaper’ from Kyrgios. Medvedev gains a break point opportunity, but Zverev opts not to chip his return and instead goes for a big shot, which ultimately leads to him hitting the ball long. Medvedev continues to put up a strong fight, getting the ball back into play from the back of the court, causing Zverev to mistime his jump and completely miss the ball. However, Zverev manages to save the break point as Medvedev hits a backhand long. The match is now filled with tension and excitement.

Medvedev defeated Zverev in a challenging match with final scores of 5-7, 3-6, 7-6(4), and 4-3. Zverev struggled to keep up with Medvedev’s powerful serves, leading to a 0-40 score and a return that went out of bounds. The sets lasted 58, 45, and 62 minutes respectively, with the current set containing seven games in just 21 minutes. Both players are now relying on their strong serves and easy holds, similar to the basis of their playing styles. This may sound like the title of a Happy Mondays album, but it is not (just to clarify).

In the match between Medvedev and Zverev, Medvedev loses the first two sets with scores of 5-7 and 3-6. However, in the third set, Medvedev shows some strength and manages to tie the score at 3-3. Zverev then gains the advantage by making a power serve, causing Medvedev to make a mistake on his return. Zverev continues to dominate and quickly reaches 40-0, winning a point with a well-executed drop shot that catches Medvedev off guard. As the set nears its end, Medvedev is playing well but the threat of defeat looms in his mind.

Medvedev loses the first two sets 5-7 and 3-6, but manages to win the third set 7-6(4) and is leading 3-2 in the fourth set against Zverev. Medvedev makes two consecutive errors on his forehand and backhand, giving Zverev a 0-15 and 15-30 lead. However, he quickly regains control and hits two impressive backhand shots, the second one while under pressure with Zverev at the net, to equalize the score. He then goes on to win the game, looking more energetic than Zverev. It’s impossible to predict who will win at this point!

Medvedev lost to Zverev with a score of 5-7, 3-6, 7-6(4), 2-2. Zverev’s serving was impressive and he held to love. It remains to be seen which player will falter first.

*Medvedev 5-7 3-6 7-6(4) 2-1 Zverev And another love hold, a phrase about which I can’t decide: does it take a hyphen? Medvedev guzzles an energy thing at change of ends and looks desperate to get back out there while, for the first time, Zverev is a little flat.

Medvedev loses 5-7, 3-6, wins 7-6(4), 1-1 against Zverev. Zverev easily holds his serve with a backhand shot to secure the win. Although he may have lost focus after the tiebreaker, he knows that winning three straight sets is unlikely and as long as he maintains his strong serving, he has a good chance in any set.

Medvedev was able to turn the tables in this match against Zverev, coming back from a two-set deficit to secure a victory. Despite struggling in the first two sets, Medvedev managed to dominate in the third set, winning it in a tiebreak. In the fourth set, he started off strong with four consecutive first serves and held his serve without dropping a point. Medvedev’s change in strategy, playing more aggressively, seems to be paying off as he currently has the momentum on his side. It is worth noting that he may have benefited from making this adjustment earlier, as Zverev had already made changes to his own game. Nevertheless, Medvedev’s smarter and more aggressive play is proving successful thus far.

Medvedev wins the set 5-7, 3-6, 7-6(4) against Zverev. Zverev makes another error, giving Medvedev two set points. However, Medvedev only needs one as Zverev’s backhand goes long. The intense and skilled Medvedev is a formidable opponent, and this match is now heating up!

In the match between Medvedev and Zverev, Medvedev lost the first two sets with scores of 5-7 and 3-6, but in the third set, they were tied at 6-6. Medvedev made a mistake by hitting a weak backhand shot without any pressure from the opponent, giving Zverev a mini-break. However, Medvedev responded with a powerful ace down the middle. The commentator hopes that this will not be the final set because it has been the most competitive part of the match so far. Zverev impressively hits a forehand that sets up an easy overhead shot, showcasing his strong volleying skills in this match. But then, he makes an error by hitting a backhand shot into the net while serving, giving Medvedev a chance to win the set with just two more holds.

Medvedev and Zverev played a close match, with Medvedev ultimately winning 5-7, 3-6, 6-6 (3-1). Medvedev made a brilliant cross-court return that was low over the net, giving him an immediate mini-break. However, Zverev, who had previously lost a third-set tiebreaker when he was two sets ahead just two days ago, quickly recovered by changing the direction of the rally and then hitting a confident volley. Medvedev, on the other hand, gained momentum and took control of the match by winning points at the net. Zverev’s forehand error gave Medvedev the advantage.

*Medvedev 5-7 3-6 6-6 Zverev A breaker here would be seriously intense, and when Zverev, having done everything necessary to make 15-all, gets a headrush, wildly overhitting a ball that just needs to go in court, it looks like we’re getting one. A cunning drop makes 40-0, then Zverev nets and here we go!

Medvedev is currently trailing behind Zverev with a score of 5-7, 3-6, and 5-6. Although Medvedev has been playing well in this set, Zverev still maintains the upper hand as the stronger player. Zverev demonstrates his skill by anticipating a drop and approaching the net to hit a winning shot down the line. Medvedev attempts to return the ball with a cross-court shot, but narrowly misses, resulting in Zverev winning the point at a score of 15-all. Zverev then quickly finishes off the game. Once again, Medvedev must serve to avoid losing the match.

Medvedev was trailing behind with a score of 5-7 in the first set and 3-6 in the second set, but managed to tie it up at 5-5 against Zverev. He made a drop shot and then swiftly followed it up with a powerful serve and an ace, showing no signs of feeling the pressure. Although he did make a mistake with a forehand that hit the net, he quickly recovered with another service-winning shot, bringing the set back to a tie once more.

In the match between Medvedev and Zverev, Zverev has been playing exceptionally well since winning the first set. He has been dominating with his powerful forehand, serve, and backhand shots. However, a great backhand return from Medvedev puts Zverev under pressure. Despite Zverev’s 93% success rate on first serves, he ends up making a double fault for the first time in the match. In a thrilling rally, Zverev wins several points before Medvedev surprises him with a cross-court volley from an awkward angle, knocking Zverev off his feet. However, Zverev regains control and finishes the rally with a strong forehand shot to the corner. He then follows it up with an ace to secure a crucial hold. Medvedev now has to serve to stay in the championships.

Medvedev loses the first set 5-7 and the second set 3-6, but in the fourth set he is tied 4-4 with Zverev. Zverev gains the lead with a powerful backhand winner, making it 0-15. However, Medvedev fights back and responds with a successful serve and Zverev misses a forehand shot after a strong effort from Medvedev. With determination, Medvedev hits a winning forehand shot on the line, sealing the game with a skillful volley. He is a fierce competitor.

Medvedev is trailing 5-7, 3-6, and 3-4 against Zverev. Is it Wimbledon or are we back in 1997? The match has become a display of serves, with Zverev easily holding his own. This match has been quite strange, with distinct phases such as the period of double faults, the prolonged rallies, and now the focus on serving.

Kerrith Britland starts off by saying, “Wow!” They believe that many people are eagerly anticipating Siner’s success. Siner is a humble individual who hits the ball with great strength, making him very likable. Since November, he has played against Novak four times and won three of those matches. While Carlitos has the potential to win, consistency is key in tennis. Although he is a talented player, it may be challenging for him to maintain his level of play with his unique style.

Did the new generation arrive? It’s uncertain, but Sinner’s game seems highly difficult to counter. I recall an interview with Grigor where he was compared to Roger, and he mentioned taking away time from his opponents whenever possible. While Sinner has a different style, there are some similarities – his shots are powerful and fast, not allowing opponents to settle. He combines heavy shots (like Rafa), shot speed (like Roger), and aims for large areas of the court (like Novak). Novak compared Carlitos to the “big three” and Sinner also seems to have these qualities, perhaps leaning more towards Novak’s tactical abilities (in my opinion, his strongest quality).

I often contemplate the influence Rafa and Roger have had on Novak’s development as a great player, and now Novak is passing on his knowledge to Sinner. Go Jannik!

Medvedev is currently trailing 5-7, 3-6, and 3-3 against Zverev. As the set nears its end, Medvedev knows that any mistake could lead to his defeat. However, he is serving well with a strong ace down the T to make it 30-0, followed by a winner out wide. Even though he didn’t perform well in the first set, he would have won if doubles were not allowed. He continues his strong serve with another powerful shot down the middle, resulting in a quick hold. The question remains, can he manage to break Zverev’s serve?

Medvedev lost the first set 5-7, and is now trailing 3-6, 2-3 to Zverev. Medvedev does not need to put pressure on Zverev’s serve – he would probably accept a tiebreaker if it was offered. Luckily, Medvedev doesn’t have to worry about that because Zverev serves a huge ace and wins another game without losing a point.

Medvedev falls behind in the match with a 5-7 3-6 2-2 score against Zverev. Zverev starts off strong, but Medvedev responds with determination and wins the first rally. Despite looking exhausted, Medvedev manages to tie the score at 15-all and then pulls off a forehand winner with an inside-out shot. He gains momentum and quickly reaches 40-15. With confidence, he finishes the game and forces Zverev to reconsider his strategy.

The match between Medvedev and Zverev has just ended with a score of 5-7, 3-6, 1-2 in favor of Zverev. Zverev made consecutive mistakes, giving Medvedev an advantage of 0-30. However, Zverev responds with a strong serve for an ace. When trying to return a dropped shot, Zverev is caught off guard by a lob and now must save two break points. The first one is quickly resolved with a good serve. Medvedev, who has moved closer to the baseline, sends his return too far and misses the opportunity to take the point. Despite discussing tactics, Medvedev’s performance is not up to par. He manages to regain deuce with a lucky half volley at the net, but ultimately Zverev wins the game. This loss will surely disappoint Medvedev.

Medvedev 5-7 3-6 1-1 Zverev Medvedev approaches the net to finish the point with a volley. It wouldn’t be surprising if he starts trying to end points quickly, as he needs to win five sets and prolonging them isn’t effective. He successfully hits two more volleys, resulting in a score of 40-0 before securing a love hold.

Medvedev 5-7 3-6 0-1 Zverev* Zverev opens the set with a service-winner and constructs the next point very nicely before securing 40-0 with a lob, Medvedev flapping a racket forlornly but without intensity, and he’s flagging here. It’s a love hold, and this match is only going one way and i don’t even feel I’ve to add a “for now” to insulate myself.

Medvedev retires from the court and this does not come as a shock. He is in dire need of a strategy, but considering he has already played two five-set matches in the past eight days, it may be challenging to execute it successfully, even if he manages to come up with a plan.

Zverev takes a 5-7 3-6 lead over Medvedev with another successful volley, bringing the score to 15-30. It seems that Medvedev’s positioning on the court allows for some room for error, as he doesn’t have to be perfect. However, Zverev takes advantage of a weak second serve and earns two set points. Medvedev saves the first but falls short on the second, hitting wide and giving Zverev a comfortable two-set lead. It appears that Zverev’s victory in this set was expected, leaving Medvedev with a long way to go to make a comeback.

Medvedev is currently behind with a score of 5-7 and 3-5 to Zverev. Zverev takes advantage of Medvedev’s position on the court and serves and volleys, gaining a 15-0 lead. He repeats this strategy at 30-all, earning a game point and solidifying his lead at 5-3 with a strong volley. Medvedev is now tasked with serving to stay in the second set, as he has not been able to make much of an impact thus far.

“We are now left with Zverev, Medvedev, and Sinner as the remaining players,” wrote Yash Gupta in an email. “What they have in common is that when they defeated Novak, it seemed like the next generation had arrived. However, this did not come to fruition as Zverev won in Rome, Thiem dominated at Roland Garros, and Medvedev emerged victorious in New York.”

This time it looks different. I don’t remember Djokovic looking so hapless against anyone before his match against Sinner. In fourth set he hit four consecutive backhand shots that in the past would win him any point, but Sinner still won the point. When Novak lost to Zverev and Medvedev in the past there was talk of – well peak Novak wins that match. Against Sinner and his monstrous serves that requires double the length of court to return, Novak looked like a man from another era. So far in his career anyone who questioned Novak looked foolish as he won titles after titles. This time it looks different. NextGen looks to have arrived, just seven years later.”

I am uncertain. Despite Djokovic’s consistent performance for a long time, I cannot dismiss him after one failure. However, it is true that his competitors are making significant progress and he may not regain his dominance.

Medvedev trails Zverev 5-7 3-4, and he is in desperate need of an easy service game. He manages to secure one with a game to love, thanks to an ace. However, the question remains whether he can disrupt Zverev’s serve and if he will adjust his strategy accordingly. Prior to the match, I predicted that Zverev would be better at adapting during the match, but it seems that Medvedev is still playing as if it were the first set. In the second set, Zverev has changed his approach by being more aggressive.

Medvedev trails Zverev 5-7 2-4*. Surrendering breaks to a skilled server like Zverev will not lead to winning sets. Zverev’s confidence grows with each break he receives, making it crucial to not give him any opportunities. In the current game, Zverev dominates with a volley for 15-0 and follows it up with smart shots and strategic angles, ultimately finishing with a forehand. It seems that simply waiting for Zverev to make an error will not suffice for Medvedev. Although it may have been enough to win the first set, Zverev’s increased confidence in the second set means that this approach is no longer effective. Zverev consolidates his lead to 15 points.

Zverev is now leading the match with a score of 5-7, 2-3 against Medvedev. Zverev hits a powerful shot to the corner and finishes the point with an overhead. After a service-winner that brings the score to 15-all, Zverev dominates the next two rallies with his forehand, setting up two break points. Medvedev saves the first break point with a good backhand return, and then follows it up with an ace down the T to save the second. However, Zverev manages to hit a great backhand winner to regain deuce. Despite this effort, Medvedev loses a net exchange and gives Zverev his fourth break point opportunity. Zverev takes advantage of this and wins the break with a well-executed forehand shot to the corner. Zverev is playing smartly and taking calculated risks to end points, putting himself in a strong position in the match.

Medvedev loses the point with a backhand that hits the net, giving Zverev a 0-15 lead. Zverev makes another attempt at the net, but Medvedev’s pass is strong enough to make Zverev’s volley go wide, bringing the score to 0-30. Zverev manages to reduce the gap with a great drop shot, showing off his skills, and Medvedev’s mistake at the net brings the score to 30-all. However, Medvedev quickly recovers and wins the next two points, securing another hold. This set is proving to be much closer than the previous one.

During the Medvedev and Zverev match, Kyrgios reveals that he is now friends with Tsitsipas. While it’s heartwarming to see mutual respect and friendship among athletes, it’s also disappointing to lose the excitement of rivalries and grudges. Medvedev wins the game with a score of 30, but neither player has taken control of the set yet due to their lackluster performance.

Medvedev trails Zverev 5-7, 1-1. He manages to reach 30-all from 0-30 with the help of two errors, but Zverev continues to play well at the net and secures a smooth hold with a good volley and a netted backhand. The number six seed seems to have gained some confidence after winning the first set, as evidenced by his celebration of cupping his ear to the crowd. It’s unclear why they wouldn’t support him, a true puzzler, but he’s now trusting his game more.

Medvedev and Zverev are currently playing a close match, with Medvedev leading 5-7, 1-0. The set has already seen six rallies that lasted over 20 shots, which is impressive considering both players have been playing a lot of tennis recently. This match may be decided by which player shows signs of fatigue first. So far, Zverev seems to be struggling more, but a quick success can be rejuvenating and he manages to make it 0-30. Medvedev manages to close the game, but not without facing yet another break point. He hangs in the rally longer, waiting for an error from Zverev, and eventually makes it to deuce. A powerful ace helps Medvedev secure the game, giving him a much-needed hold. It’s important for him to stay on top of his game and not constantly be playing from behind against such a lethal server. It will be interesting to see if Medvedev can continue to extend the rallies and keep up with Zverev in the next game.

In the match between Medvedev and Zverev, Medvedev was down 15-0 and had a chance to make a passing shot, but he hit the net. This put Zverev just two points away from winning the set. However, Zverev made two errors, including a second serve that barely made it over the net, causing him to become frustrated. He then went for too much on a clean-up forehand and faced a break-back point. Medvedev played well and was able to save the point with a strong forehand and solid volley. The game continued with multiple deuces and it seemed like a crucial moment for Zverev. If he lost this set, it would be difficult for him to come back and win the match. However, in an impressive 51-shot rally, Zverev hit a beautiful half-volley winner at the net and followed it up with another successful shot. This gave him the first set, much to his relief.

Medvedev and Zverev are currently tied at 5-6 in the set. Zverev starts off the game with a 0-15 lead, but Medvedev makes an impressive backhand shot down the line as Zverev approaches the net. Zverev manages to bring the score to 15-30, and a powerful backhand shot at 30-all gives him the advantage in a long rally. This puts him in a position to break Medvedev’s serve. Despite Medvedev’s skillful response to a net-cord shot with decent spin and depth, Zverev expertly executes a lob that secures him another opportunity to serve for the set in this unpredictable match.

Medvedev and Zverev are tied at 5 games each. Zverev, who always wears sunglasses indoors, is under pressure but not afraid of looking silly. However, he hits a forehand too long, while Medvedev plays with a flat and slow style, forcing Zverev to generate his own power or respond with a weak shot, knowing that his opponent is comfortable with either option. Despite this, Zverev manages to make it to 15-all but then nets the ball, ending a long rally of 33 strokes. Another error from Zverev brings the score to 30-all. Both players are not performing at their best, but they are playing Medvedev’s game. As Dua Lipa said, it’s becoming a physical match. In the meantime, Medvedev wins a 34-stroke rally, earning himself a break point which he then converts. The momentum has shifted in Medvedev’s favor as he retrieves two breaks. Zverev looks anguished and confused as he goes to his corner. He needs to figure out how to play his own game, but if his big serve isn’t working, does he have the weapons to do so?