Jannik Sinner stuns Novak Djokovic in an exciting match at the ATP Finals – here’s a recap of what happened.

Our in-house coach, Calvin Betton, believes that Sinner has the ability to hit through Djokovic like Rune did, but with less flat shots and more variation in his shots. This is something that Djokovic prefers.

Novak Djokovic manages to always come out on top. This is a common trait among dominant champions – we watch in awe at their greatness, but also with the hope of witnessing them face a tough challenge.

We can argue that Jannik Sinner has the potential to achieve this. He will be competing in front of his home audience, he is currently in good shape, and he is one of the rare players who can overpower Djokovic.

It may seem straightforward, but we are aware that it is not. Djokovic possesses the abilities and intelligence to keep Sinner on the move and prevent him from unleashing his full potential. He also manages to return a high number of shots, causing his opponent to eventually make an error. However, an unexpected outcome is still possible, and even if things don’t go as planned, there is a high likelihood of another entertaining, competitive match.

The game will start at 9pm in the local time zone and 8pm in Greenwich Mean Time.