Daniil Medvedev beats Alexander Zverev: ATP Finals – as it happened

You may be wondering about Coach Calv’s analysis of the match between Medvedev and Zverev. Well, here it is: “This will be their sixth meeting this year. Medvedev typically comes out on top, but Zverev thrives in high altitude conditions. I believe it will be a close match. Both players will stick to their usual styles – Medvedev staying far back and making no mistakes, while Zverev relies on his powerful serves and tries to dominate the court. However, Zverev’s weak volleying skills may limit him. It’s worth noting that Medvedev is not a fan of Zverev, as he recently revealed that they have never been friends despite Zverev’s claims. Overall, I would still give Medvedev a slight edge, but it will be a tight match due to the effects of altitude.”

Daniil Medvedev dominated Andrey Rublev on the court with his calculated and persistent power-play, causing his opponent to nearly break down in tears.

Alexander Zverev may be overcoming a challenge. Before, he was skilled enough to defeat all opponents except for the very best in crucial moments. However, since his recovery from a long-term injury, he has consistently improved. His recent victory over Carlos Alcaraz, where he came from behind, is an impressive feat.

Given the current circumstances, it is difficult to predict the outcome of this match. Earlier today, Alcaraz defeated Andrey Rublev, potentially making them the only one to advance from these two players. Therefore, the winner of tonight’s match will likely be the one to progress.

The game will start at 9pm in your local time or 8pm in Greenwich Mean Time.