Andy Murray was defeated by Jakub Mensik in a three-hour match at the Qatar Open.

Andy Murray was defeated by Jakub Mensik in a three-hour match at the Qatar Open.

Andy Murray’s strong efforts to improve his struggling performance suffered a major setback on Wednesday. Despite battling for over three hours, he was unable to keep his composure in crucial moments against the impressive 18-year-old Jakub Mensik and ultimately lost in the second round of the Qatar Open. The match lasted three hours and 24 minutes, making it the longest in the tournament’s history.

During the last six months of the tour, Murray has consistently stated that he has been performing well during practice. However, when it comes to matches, he has struggled to replicate the same level of performance under pressure. His performance on Wednesday served as further evidence that his struggles are not due to his body, as one would expect from a 36-year-old with a metal hip, but rather due to mental barriers he cannot overcome at the moment.

Murray had cause for optimism when he stepped onto the court after securing his first victory of the season against Alexandre Muller, the 75th ranked player in the world, on Tuesday. He faced a new obstacle in Mensik, who began the match by taking control of the rallies from both sides and showing impressive athleticism at the net. Despite initially trailing 3-5, Murray managed to turn the set around and ultimately took the lead with a 6-4 win in the tie-break.

After setting up an easy backhand volley, Murray made a costly mistake by hitting it into the middle of the net. This led to him losing four consecutive points due to a series of errors, ultimately resulting in him losing the set.

Credit goes to Murray for quickly overcoming his frustration. Both players maintained strong service games, but Murray was able to hit the ball with ease and take control of the baseline, ultimately dominating the second tie-break.

Jakub Mensik celebrates after beating Andy Murray

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He had a brief period of success, but it didn’t last long. His opponent from Czech Republic quickly gained momentum and won the set, while Murray constantly scolded himself, saying, “You don’t have confidence in yourself. So feeble,” at one moment.

He persevered until the end, winning four consecutive games from a 2-5 deficit and maintaining that momentum into the third tie-break. However, when it was crucial, Mensik remained composed and secured the victory in a chaotic and unpredictable match.

Murray’s performance was not poor, as he fought hard and created numerous chances to secure a victory. However, his mental fortitude has consistently been one of his greatest assets throughout his career. Unfortunately, it is also his biggest vulnerability. Unless he can learn to play without hesitation during crucial moments under pressure, he will continue to face consequences.

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Mensik’s recent win could be considered the most significant of his professional career. This puts him in a favorable position to maintain a spot in the top 100 rankings for an extended period of time. In the upcoming ATP quarter-final, he will be up against either Andrey Rublev, the top seeded player, or Richard Gasquet.

Unfortunately, Carlos Alcaraz’s season got off to a rough start when he sprained his ankle in the second point of his first-round match against Thiago Monteiro. He was forced to retire at a score of 1-1.