This NASA astronaut voted from space | CNN Politics

This NASA astronaut voted from space | CNN Politics

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He discovered a way to cast a vote from infinity and beyond.

According to a post on NASA’s Tumblr, Shane Kimbrough, an astronaut from NASA who is currently residing on the International Space Station, cast his vote in the presidential election on Tuesday.

According to Yahoo News, NASA reported that Kimbrough cast his vote in the 2016 election while aboard the space station within the last few days.

Astronauts scheduled for space travel on Election Day must begin the voting process one year prior to their launch. During this time, they have the opportunity to choose which elections they wish to take part in.

Six months prior to the election, astronauts are given the form “Voter Registration and Absentee Ballot Request – Federal Post Card Application.”

Image Kjell Lindgren released on social media of the US flag floating in the Cupola module.

According to NPR, NASA astronaut David Wolf was the initial American to cast a vote while aboard the Russian Mir Space Station during a local election in 1997.