Gamers from Russia are hurrying to avoid a potential nuclear conflict.

Gamers from Russia are hurrying to avoid a potential nuclear conflict.

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“Attention! Attention!” shouts the Russian speaker through the loudspeaker. “The nuclear missiles will be launched in sixty minutes.”

In a room designed to resemble a nuclear bunker from the Soviet era, two Russians are in a frantic race to stop a potentially devastating attack on the United States.

In Moscow, the current trend is to search for the nuclear launch codes and disable a secret red button that has been pushed by a deranged Russian general.

It’s complete fantasy; just an interactive game hosted in a building in a former industrial area of the city, harking back to the fears of the Cold War.

However, with the current tensions between Russia and the West, the possibility of nuclear confrontation being brought up again is causing some unease.

A mad Russian general has pushed the nuclear button - and gamers must stop missiles launching

Maxim Motin, a Russian who recently finished the Red Button Quest game, expressed concern over the abundance of foolish information presented by both parties.

He stated that people around the world who are not involved in conflicts do not desire war.

A country gearing up for battle.

However, Russian authorities have been readying the country for potential conflict, fueling existing worries about a potential confrontation with the West, Russia’s longstanding adversary during the Cold War.

The government of Russia has organized a nationwide mass training exercise, which will be broadcasted on television and involve approximately 40 million individuals. The purpose of the exercise is to prepare for potential chemical or nuclear attacks and develop appropriate responses.

The Russian Emergency Situations Ministry issued this picture from a nationwide civil defense drill

The footage depicts civil defense practice led by emergency personnel wearing protective gear and gas masks. This is the largest drill of its kind since the end of the Soviet Union, indicating that the Kremlin wants the Russian population to view the possibility of war as a significant threat.

It is highly improbable for there to be a full-scale conflict between Russia and the West.

Experts believe that the concept of Mutually Assured Destruction, also known as MAD, remains a significant deterrent, much like it was during the Cold War.

02 Lithuania war manual 1026

Lithuania has released a guide on how to respond in the event of a Russian invasion.

However, as tensions rise over Syria, Ukraine, and the Baltic states, experts warn that the possibility of contact, misinterpretation, and escalation between the two nuclear superpowers has significantly increased.

Fyodor Lukyanov, editor of the prominent foreign policy journal Russia in Global Affairs, believes that the chances of a nuclear war are slim.

According to the interviewee on CNN, the lack of coordination between two powerful countries’ military presence in a close proximity can lead to unexpected incidents.

The Kremlin is exaggerating concerns.

The Kremlin appears to be emphasizing the risk, as seen through the increase in aggressive language on state television in recent weeks.

Recently on Russia’s main current events program, Dmitry Kiselyev, who is known as the Kremlin’s top propagandist by those who criticize him, gave a serious warning that there could be a global war if Russian and US military forces were to come into conflict in Syria.

He stated that aggressive actions towards Russia could potentially lead to a nuclear conflict.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) meets with his US counterpart Barack Obama on the sidelines of the G20 Leaders Summit in Hangzhou on September 5, 2016. / AFP PHOTO / SPUTNIK / ALEXEI DRUZHININALEXEI DRUZHININ/AFP/Getty Images

At the G20 Leaders Summit in Hangzhou on September 5, 2016, Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) and US President Barack Obama met to discuss their countries’ relationship. Despite past tensions, they are now navigating an uncertain conflict.

The Russian defense ministry has provided information about the newest intercontinental ballistic missile being incorporated into their nuclear weapons collection.

Known as the Satan 2, this weapon will be the most powerful and destructive in the world, solidifying Russia’s position as a leading nuclear power.

The fantasy quest taking place in Moscow is made more realistic with the addition of an apocalyptic vision.

Alisa Sokoleva, a Moscow gamer, stated that currently in Russian schools, children are taught that the United States is their primary adversary.

“It seems absurd to me and I am completely certain that war is not possible,” she remarks.

The quest game players - pretending to be a special ops team - are the only ones who can avert war

In the simulated Cold War bunker, the Russian players successfully deciphered the launch codes and disabled the missile launch. Once again, it appears that the United States has been spared from a virtual nuclear attack by Russia.

I hope that the real world will also avoid such a confrontation.