Tyla has established a fresh pop vibe with lively tunes and everyone sporting torn attire on a bright, sunny day.

Tyla has established a fresh pop vibe with lively tunes and everyone sporting torn attire on a bright, sunny day.


Yla, who has a fan base of over 4.3 million on Instagram known as the Tygers, is still adjusting to the same level of fame in real life. She was approached by a TikTok user named Harry Daniels who is known for finding and singing to celebrities. Yla shares, “He sang my song ‘Water’ and poured water on his head.”

In Los Angeles, she is promoting her new self-titled debut album, released today. Tyla, who is 22 years old, has already received a Grammy for her song “Water”, which won in the category of Best African Music Performance. She even had the opportunity to perform it on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show, and the song achieved chart success in over 30 countries. This level of recognition is not common for South African musicians, and Tyla is aware that she is breaking barriers for the country’s music scene. “More and more people are becoming familiar with South Africa,” she says. “They enjoy hearing me say ‘Yoh!’ and watching me dance.”

A fusion of R&B, pop, and amapiano – a music style in South Africa that combines elements of house, kwaito, Zulu rhythms, and jazz. The song’s alluring choreography set a trend for dance challenges on TikTok and propelled Tyla into the world of popular music. When it reached No. 7 on the US charts, she became the first solo South African artist to achieve this feat in 55 years on the Billboard Hot 100. According to Tyla, amapiano has become a globally recognized genre that brings benefits not only to its creators, but also to the nation as a whole.

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Not many young pop musicians have the responsibility of representing their entire country, but South Africa is currently in the spotlight. Despite taking a decade to gain international recognition, the genre of amapiano has gained many notable fans, such as Drake who has collaborated with producers like Kabza De Small and Black Coffee. Tyla is among the forefront of the emerging experimental electronic scene, filled with talented and exciting young artists.

Tyla Laura Seethal was born in Johannesburg in 2002 and was raised listening to artists such as Aaliyah, Rihanna, and Adele. She particularly enjoyed singing “Someone Like You” with passion. She had a strong desire to become a singer, so she began sharing videos of her singing on various online platforms, including singing and competition apps, as well as social media.

Amidst the flurry of digital pursuits, Tyla was able to release her debut single Getting Late in 2019, shortly after graduating high school. The unique blend of pop and piano in her music, aptly dubbed “popiano,” caught the attention of Epic records, who subsequently offered her a global contract. Continuing to release individual tracks and collaborate with others, she joined forces with experienced American producer Tricky Stewart (known for his work with Beyoncé and Britney Spears) to create Water, which was unveiled in July and reached No 4 on the UK charts.

“I wanted to introduce people to the Tyla world,” she explains about the process of creating the song. “It’s a sunny atmosphere with loud music and everyone dressed in ripped clothing.” Tyla elevated this vibe by first releasing a remix of Water featuring rapper Travis Scott, followed by the single On and On, a vibrant R&B track that encourages listeners to “go back in time and party like it’s 1995.”

It took Tyla two years to create her first album, which includes collaborations with artists such as Tems from Nigeria, rappers Gunna and Skillibeng, and singer Becky G. Tyla reflects on the growth and learning experience throughout the process and believes that it has helped her open up more. The entire experience, including traveling to America and Europe and working with various individuals, is new to her. She admits to feeling unsure at times, but ultimately sees it as a valuable opportunity to learn and improve, even if the end result may not be perfect.

Luckily, the album is full of potential hits, although it may be some time before Tyla can perform them on tour. In early March, she announced that her planned world tour dates would have to be postponed due to an undisclosed injury. She has chosen not to share specifics, but has mentioned that she is not physically prepared for the demands of performing. She firmly believes that dancing is an essential part of her music, especially since it is heavily influenced by African music. However, the injury has given her an opportunity to explore alternative methods of performing.

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Despite facing this challenge, Tyla appears to be embracing her role as the representative for South Africa’s emerging music. “We are just starting out on this journey,” she explains. “We’re finally experiencing what we’ve been discussing for years. I’m eagerly awaiting all that lies ahead.”

Source: theguardian.com