Share your inquiries for Sheryl Crow.

Share your inquiries for Sheryl Crow.

Recently, Sheryl Crow announced that she had put out her final album. Titled “Threads” and released in 2019, it featured collaborations with musicians such as Stevie Nicks, St Vincent, Neil Young, and Chuck D. However, she stated that she would continue to perform and release occasional singles. This decision was surprising given her successful career, as she had even performed at Glastonbury’s Pyramid stage that same year. However, she changed her mind last year when she revealed the release of her 11th album, “Evolution,” just before being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Produced by Mike Elizondo (Fiona Apple, 50 Cent, Mastodon) and released on 29 March, Evolution is led by the title track, which lays out Crow’s discomfort about the impact of artificial intelligence. “Stephen Hawking worried that AI would replace humans,” Crow said in a statement. “As a mum, I want to leave a better world for my children, a healthier planet – is AI going to be a benevolent partner in these goals or not? It’s unsettling, and this song deals with those anxieties.”

The track also includes Tom Morello, a guitarist from Rage Against the Machine and a fellow inductee into the 2023 Hall of Fame. You can inquire with Crow about her new material, her experience performing songs from her debut album Tuesday Night Music Club 30 years later, her appearances on various TV shows such as 30 Rock and Cougar Town, her past collaborations with Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn, and Sting, her life on her farm in Nashville, the sexism she faced in the early stages of her career, her strong friendship with Stevie Nicks, or anything else when she participates in the Guardian’s reader interview next week.

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