Overmono review – sparkling shards of rave culture tear up the dancefloor


While thumping bass drums, rapid hi-hats, creeping basslines, and repeated vocal snippets are typically linked with DJ performances in late-night clubs, Overmono is part of a rising group of electronic music artists proving that the genre can also thrive in larger live settings without sacrificing its raw essence. The Roundhouse venue in London offers a different type of big-scale experience compared to what fans of tech-house may be accustomed to, but the concave roof helps to amplify the sound, immerse the audience, and create a lively dance atmosphere on a Wednesday evening.

The sibling duo, Tom and Ed Russell, also known as Truss and Tessela, kick off their performance with a high-energy collaboration featuring Joy Orbison and Kwengface called Freedom 2. They then continue on to showcase their more synth-heavy, exhilarating tracks. Along with popular songs like Gunk and BMW Track, they include crowd-pleasing samples from Ruff Sqwad’s Functions on the Low, The Streets’ Turn the Page, and Tessela’s own Hackney Parrot. The transitions between songs are seamless, and even those who were originally sitting get up and start dancing to the infectious beat.

As the initial fragmented rhythms of So U Kno begin to play, the audience erupts with enthusiasm for the duo’s iconic song, causing the dancing to intensify and become more spontaneous. It seems as though everyone in the venue is shouting the lyrics “I let you get me, want me, want me, want some” in perfect unison; sounds of laughter and happiness fill the pulsing beat. Later on, during Bby, the crowd joyfully chants “Baby if you want my love” while the subwoofer sends powerful bass riffs through the floor.

During an evening live performance, there is limited opportunity for the duo to explore electronic experimentation, which they are capable of. It would have been interesting to witness them deviate from a rhythmic groove and explore a more freeform style. However, the show ended before midnight, disrupting the flow. Despite this, Overmono’s performance was a success, creating a vibrant and intricate rave experience in an otherwise uneventful midweek.

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Source: theguardian.com