One to watch: Bingo Fury

One to watch: Bingo Fury

Bingo Fury’s musical style is heavily influenced by chance occurrences and can include unexpected elements such as the sound of shattering glass or unconventional chord progressions. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Captain Beefheart and Laurie Anderson, the 24-year-old artist, also known as Jack Ogborne, produces dark ballads characterized by dissonance. His deep baritone voice adds to the experimental orchestration and fragmented noise in his music. The songs feature competing horn sections, chaotic piano solos, moments of static, and cleverly written lyrics. In “Leather Sky,” Fury sings, “This is a new type of pain before you embroider my soul.” His latest single, “Mr Stark,” is a semi-improvised blend of erratic beats and dry one-liners.

Fury does not find studio spaces to be convenient; he prefers locations with a more atmospheric feel. In 2022, he released his debut EP, Mercy’s Cut, which was recorded in the basement of a pub rumored to have been a hangman’s quarters. For his new album, Bats Feet for a Widow, he stayed in a church. Growing up, Fury played drums in a church band and was influenced by the building’s acoustics. He channeled his lingering religious unease while incorporating the sounds of the building, such as echoes from its high ceiling and the clatter of a falling crucifix in the track “I’ll Be Mountains.”

Although he is able to create romantic and dreamy moments, it is the moments of disharmony that truly characterize Bingo Fury. His goal is to challenge the audience’s expectations, making them rethink their idea of what a song should be. In an interview with the Quietus, he explained, “I enjoy the idea of forcing people to confront uncomfortable emotions that they might typically avoid.” The outcome is a unique blend of lounge music that always feels slightly off-balance and could veer into chaos at any given moment.

The album Bats Feet for a Widow has been released by the state51 Conspiracy. Bingo Fury will be performing at Folklore in Hoxton, London on April 18th and at the Jam Jar in Bristol on April 20th.