I have always attracted drama, according to Sharon Osbourne.

I have always attracted drama, according to Sharon Osbourne.

I am a person who is always vocal about my thoughts, but I quickly move on. However, others tend to hold onto it. They avoid confrontation and get uncomfortable when I question a situation.

I seem to attract a lot of drama, possibly due to my eccentric nature. Of course, I have made mistakes and have learned from them. Sometimes I wish I could redo certain things, but that is not possible. The best I can do is to learn from my experiences and try to avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

I served as a judge on X Factor for several years, but I have no desire to participate in another talent show. It is unethical to subject children to such intense pressure, especially in reality-based shows. These young individuals are not equipped to handle the consequences of failure and are often disregarded when they do not succeed.

I have never experienced harassment from men. I used to question why no man showed interest in me, but I realized it was because they were intimidated. I am capable of protecting myself. During the 1960s and 1970s, no man ever made a move on me.

I am returning to the UK this year and will reside in our home in Buckinghamshire. The current state of America is worrisome, and the UK is not exempt from this. The overall atmosphere is tense, but the UK may be experiencing it to a lesser degree.

Ozzy is feeling nervous about the geographical separation between himself in the UK and his children and grandchildren in Los Angeles. However, once he arrives and experiences the love and support from them, he will find it to be very therapeutic. Five years ago, he suffered a spinal injury from a fall on a tiled bathroom floor, which resulted in five significant surgeries. This event also exacerbated his Parkinson’s disease.

I am doing well in terms of my physical appearance. I have reached a point where I am more content with my body and appearance. I am done with trying to lose weight and focusing on cosmetic procedures. I used to use Ozempic injections and lost a significant amount of weight in a short period of time. However, I have now reached a weight of seven stone and am struggling to gain any more. My friend Ozzy says I resemble Nancy Reagan.

Ozzy has experienced severe bouts of depression. When one’s mental state is not in a positive state, it becomes difficult for the body to recover. I have had to take on the role of his supporter. This was not something I anticipated at this point in my life. It has been challenging to witness my husband endure such physical pain.

I inherited my father’s [Don Arden, a music manager] traits. Many believe that he and I had a falling out because he didn’t approve of Ozzy as my partner. However, the real reason was that my marriage to Ozzy would have meant less money for my father. As a result, my father and I did not communicate for two decades. But eventually, things came full circle and I looked after him in his final years when he was suffering from Alzheimer’s and had no money left.

Do I experience happiness? No, I tend to worry excessively – about my husband Ozzy, my children, and grandchildren. As a Jewish mother, it’s in my nature to do so. In my 71 years of life, I have encountered many experiences – there are numerous stories to tell. I’ve had my fair share of both good and bad times. It hasn’t all been easy.

Source: theguardian.com