“He is a male individual holding a fork in a society filled with soup”: the most acrimonious conflicts between music duos.


After being together for 53 years, it would have been reasonable to assume that the musical duo of Daryl Hall and John Oates had one of the strongest partnerships in the entertainment industry. However, this week has brought surprising news that the highly successful pair are involved in a legal dispute, with Hall filing a lawsuit and obtaining a restraining order against his longtime bandmate for reasons that have not yet been disclosed. Perhaps reality has mirrored the lyrics of their popular song, “I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)”, but this is far from being the most contentious creative partnership in music.

Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel

Ain’t no bridge over those troubled waters … Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel.

Despite being one of the most renowned duos in the music industry, their friendship turned sour in 1970 after achieving immense success. It is commonly believed that Garfunkel grew resentful of Simon for solely writing all the songs, while Simon became increasingly annoyed that Garfunkel’s singing skills surpassed his own (and also due to Garfunkel’s involvement in acting alongside music). This common pattern of conflict led to the downfall of their once-great partnership. Although they famously reunited for the 1981 Central Park Concert (which resulted in a highly successful live album), their relationship remains strained. Simon has even stated that they only get along when not collaborating.

are siblings and former members of the band Oasis

Liam and Noel Gallagher are brothers who used to be part of the music group Oasis.

‘He’s the angriest man on the planet’ … Noel (left) describes his brother Liam.

The feud between the Gallager brothers had already begun before Oasis disbanded. In 1995, the Fierce Panda label released Wibbling Rivalry, a well-known recording of a violent argument between the brothers that took place at a hotel in Glasgow the previous year. The conversation included Liam saying, “I hate that guy!” Having left the band multiple times, Noel walked out for good in 2009, stating that he could no longer work with Liam. Since then, they have had many disagreements, with Noel calling Liam “the angriest man you’ll ever meet” and “a man with a fork in a world of soup,” while Liam often refers to Noel as “potato.” It seems that the possibility of a reconciliation is uncertain at best.

are two pop stars who have reconciled

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are both notable figures in the pop music industry who have resolved their differences.

You need to calm down. Oh, you did … Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.

Although not considered a creative duo like Lennon and McCartney, the two popular female artists had collaborated on Swift’s Fearless tour and were said to have mutual admiration. However, in 2014, Swift expressed uncertainty about their friendship and insinuated that Perry had attempted to sabotage her tour by hiring her team. Perry responded with a now-famous tweet comparing Swift to the mean-spirited character in Mean Girls. Despite this, the two appeared together in Swift’s music video for “You Need to Calm Down” in 2019, hinting that they may have reconciled.

, members of the band The Kinks, are brothers.

Ray and Dave Davies, who are siblings, are part of the music group known as The Kinks.

The Kinks created several highly popular songs during the 1960s (including “Waterloo Sunset” and “You Really Got Me”) and were known for having one of the most notorious rivalries between siblings in the history of pop music. Dave once revealed that Ray believed his life was flawless until Dave joined the group. Despite 30 years of disagreements, on-stage fights, and throwing cymbals, they managed to keep the band together until 1996. In more recent times, Dave has referred to Ray as a “vampire” and “megalomaniac,” but he always maintains that he loves his brother.

Diana Ross and Mary Wilson

All smiles in 1965 … L to R, Mary Wilson and Diana Ross in the Supremes’ heyday.

The Supremes, with 12 number one hits in the US, were the top-selling and most melodious act of Motown in the 1960s. However, as they achieved greater success, the dynamic within the all-female group became less harmonious. Wilson believed that co-founder Ross was seeking individual fame at the expense of the group, and this was evident when the name was changed to Diana Ross and the Supremes before Ross eventually departed.

Fifty Cent and the Game

In harmony. In 2004 … The Game and 50 Cent perform together.

The ongoing dispute between the two ex-G-Unit artists is one of the longest-standing feuds in hip-hop. It originated in 2005, when 50 Cent notoriously fired the Game on air, causing the angered rapper to attempt to enter the building, resulting in gunshots and a security guard being injured in the leg. A public attempt at reconciliation in 2005 was short-lived, and despite a recent period of calm, it is believed that the rivalry has led to an impressive 100 diss tracks.

were an American country-influenced rock
duo, known for their steel-string acoustic guitar playing and close harmony singing

Phil and Don Everly were a duo from America who played country-influenced rock music. They were recognized for their skill with steel-string acoustic guitars and their ability to sing in close harmony.

Can’t wait to see the back of you … Phil and Don Everly.

Just what is it with these singing brothers? As the Everly Brothers, Don and Phil made their names in their teens with a succession of classic songs in the rock’n’roll era and beyond but despite the sweetness of their vocals their relationship was infamously fractious. Years of trademark sibling rivalry erupted into a ten year separation in 1973 when Don’s drunken mangling of the words to Cathy’s Clown ended in an onstage argument. When they reunited for a tour a decade later they refused to be interviewed together.

were both members of the all-female rock band, The Runaways.

Joan Jett and Lita Ford were part of the all-female rock group known as The Runaways.

It was her fault … the Runaways in 1977, L to R, Lita Ford, Joan Jett, Cherie Currie, Sandy West and Jackie Fox.

The Runaways were known for their male svengali, but they were still considered the ultimate all-female, leather-clad, hard rock band of the 70s. Unfortunately, guitarist Lita Ford claims that a reunion was thwarted by singer Joan Jett’s decision to bring her “controlling” male manager along to what was meant to be a girls’ night out. Ford expressed her frustration, stating that Jett never gave a clear answer when asked about reforming the band.

split up

Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon ended their relationship.

The breakup of Sonic Youth, a prominent New York noise band, in 2011 after 27 years of marriage and even longer as a group, came as a shock to their devoted fans. The band abruptly split up when co-founder, bassist, and vocalist Kim Gordon revealed that her ex-husband, singer and guitarist Thurston Moore, had been having an affair with a colleague for many years. Gordon described this as a result of Moore’s infatuation with the other woman and his mid-life crisis. This revelation was painful for fans to hear.

were both influential reggae musicians.

Bob Marley and Peter Tosh were influential musicians in the reggae genre.

Keep ’em apart Mick … Bob Marley and Peter Tosh (right) with Mick Jagger in 1978.

Bob Marley and the Wailers, renowned reggae musicians from Jamaica (originally known as the Wailers), may have performed the song “One Love” in their music. However, after years of tension surrounding Marley’s rise to stardom, a physical altercation broke out backstage in 1973 between the founding singer and guitarist. Five years later, they were publicly reunited on stage when Tosh joined Marley for a performance of “Get Up Stand Up” and shared a hug. It was a delayed instance of reconciliation and coming together in harmony.

Source: theguardian.com