Adele plans to use a pop-up stadium for her concerts in Munich, which may seem unexpected but is still exciting.

Adele plans to use a pop-up stadium for her concerts in Munich, which may seem unexpected but is still exciting.

Adele will be setting up a unique and custom-made temporary stadium for a set of upcoming concerts, marking her first performances in mainland Europe since 2016.

The award-winning musician, who has achieved chart success and won multiple Grammys, has announced four upcoming shows in Munich during August. In a post on Instagram, she stated that she had not been planning any additional live performances following her 2022 show in London’s Hyde Park and her current residency in Las Vegas, which is scheduled to conclude in June. She also mentioned:

I couldn’t resist exploring and embracing the concept of a unique and temporary stadium tailored to my desired show. Located in Munich, right in the heart of Europe, it may seem unexpected but it’s absolutely fantastic! And to top it off, it’s right after the Euros, cheering on England, and coinciding with the Olympics where Simone Biles will be competing. On top of that, some of my favorite artists will also be performing. It’s a dream come true! It’s been since 2016 that I’ve performed in Europe and what better way to wrap up this chapter of my life and career with shows closer to home.

The stadium’s visualizations display an eye-catching clamshell-shaped layout outlined with vibrant borders, as well as a semi-circular path leading to a B-stage. This design emulates, on a larger scale, the theatrical stage setup used by Adele in her Las Vegas performance. She has been showcasing her concert residency, Weekends With Adele, at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace since November 2022.

The pop-up stadium’s proposed design.

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Adele is known for being highly involved in the creation of her concert production. The start of her Vegas residency was originally planned for January, but she delayed it unexpectedly. She later explained that the set design did not align with her and her band’s style and lacked a sense of intimacy.

Abba is one of the groups that has tried out pop-up venues, such as their customized arena in east London where they held their Abba Voyage concerts featuring immersive avatars. The venue, made of steel and timber, has the ability to be taken apart and reconstructed. However, there is currently no information about where it will be relocated after its successful stint in London.

A temporary stadium, known as Stadium 974, was constructed for the 2022 Qatar World Cup utilizing 974 shipping containers as a key feature. It has since been dismantled. Another pop-up stadium with a capacity of 34,000 is in the works for the T20 World Cup in New York, located 25 miles east of Manhattan. This is part of the International Cricket Council’s efforts to grow the sport’s following in the United States.

Fans are required to sign up for tickets to Adele’s Munich shows by February 5th, before the tickets become available for purchase on February 7th and 9th.