Saka and Ødegaard lead 5-0 rout of Burnley as Arsenal goal blitz continues

Saka and Ødegaard lead 5-0 rout of Burnley as Arsenal goal blitz continues

Do you remember the consequences of Arsenal losing to Liverpool in the FA Cup at home? It was just six games ago and seemed to prove that Mikel Arteta’s team would have a disappointing season if they didn’t bring in a reliable goal scorer. However, despite not making any new signings, Arsenal has scored 21 goals in their last five games. Burnley was the most recent team to fall victim to Arsenal’s impressive and dynamic performance, which has put them back in the running for the title.

In an impressive away performance, Martin Ødegaard led Arsenal to their fifth consecutive Premier League victory. Bukayo Saka, Leandro Trossard, and Kai Havertz all scored as Arsenal took the lead with their first five shots on goal. This diverse group of goalscorers demonstrates the team’s dedication to recovering from past performances. For the first time in their history, Arsenal has won their first five games of the year. The only positive moment for Burnley came when it was announced that the late train for Arsenal fans returning to London had been cancelled. Vincent Kompany admitted that his team was not up to par, as Arsenal outperformed them in all aspects of the game.

Arteta predictably chose to use the identical team that had previously defeated West Ham, resulting in a similar outcome. The Gunners appeared to be on track for another dominant victory on the road after scoring on their initial attack. Martin Ødegaard expertly placed the ball into the bottom corner following a well-executed play by Declan Rice and Gabriel Martinelli, who exploited Burnley’s right side. The Norwegian player celebrated his eighth goal of the season by covering his ears, possibly in response to criticism he received after celebrating Arsenal’s recent league win against Liverpool. This marked the beginning of an exceptional performance from Ødegaard. He operated on a different level than his opponents, displaying impeccable vision, timing, and technique that made everything seem effortless.

Burnley put up a strong fight against Anfield last weekend, but unfortunately ended up losing. Kompany’s third yellow card of the season led to him being unable to play and watch from the Turf Moor stands. From this vantage point, he saw an even more dominant performance from the opposing team. Burnley struggled to disrupt Arsenal’s flow, keep the ball, or put pressure on their defense. They also failed to anticipate Havertz’s diagonal runs from the left side of the field. With Ødegaard continuously finding these runs, it was only a matter of time before Arsenal scored more goals. The two players worked together to pass the ball to Trossard in the box, where he was then fouled by Lorenz Assignon. Saka confidently scored a penalty kick, just out of reach of James Trafford’s attempt to save it.

Kai Havertz fires home Arsenal’s fifth goal at Turf MoorView image in fullscreen

At the end of the first half, some home fans expressed their disappointment with boos. However, their spirits remained low throughout the game. Saka, with an assist from Ødegaard, scored his sixth goal in four games just two minutes into the second half. This was thanks to a brilliant pass that threaded the ball behind Hannes Delcroix, the left-back. Saka confidently accepted the opportunity and scored an unstoppable goal into the top of the Burnley net.

Ødegaard played a role in a severe injury suffered by Aaron Ramsey, although the Arsenal captain was not held responsible. Ramsey was hit by Ødegaard’s tackle and then twisted his foot in the ground, causing his right knee to buckle. The injured Burnley player had to be carried off on a stretcher and given oxygen due to the distress caused by the incident.

Trossard missed out on multiple opportunities, but capitalized on a powerful shot that went past Trafford after Ødegaard (as expected) passed to Jakub Kiwior on the left. Kiwior’s low cross reached the skilled striker for another successful goal.

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Burnley must have been disappointed by Arsenal’s fifth goal, which led to many of their fans leaving the game early. It was a result of Kiwior’s long throw to Havertz, who easily outplayed the unaware Burnley defense, passed Delcroix through his legs, and effortlessly scored against Trafford. The away fans were ecstatic and even called for a sixth goal, but this time Arsenal did not fulfill their wish. No one could argue with the outcome.

Arteta expressed his satisfaction with Arsenal’s impressive 21 goals, praising the performance of each player. He noted that the team’s hunger for more goals was evident, even when they were leading 5-0. The team’s goal is to dominate the game and spend as much time as possible in the opponents’ half. The players’ cohesion and determination are evident, and they are determined to maintain their momentum.