PSG 1-2 Lyon (3-5 agg): Women’s Champions League semi-final, second leg – live reaction

PSG 1-2 Lyon (3-5 agg): Women’s Champions League semi-final, second leg – live reaction

PSG fall short and their players fall to the ground. Lyon retain their supremacy, and stay on course for a ninth European Cup. Destination Bilbao, for an 11th final, and Barcelona will be the opposition. That’s a big performance from Sonia Bompastor’s team.

90+5 min: Dumornay, the match-winner, is alone in the PSG half and decides to have a dig from distance.

90+4 min: PSG keep plugging, to their credit but Vansgaard is stopped making much progress. Lyon have been in such defensive command this half.

90+2 min: Endler shows her strength and command in punching clear a free-kick aimed into the Lyon box. Picaud struggled at the other end with this, though also made a series of decent saves.

90 min: Bacha, who has been excellent but was limping, leaves the field for the last few minutes of which there are seven. Is that a glimmer of a chance.

88 min: Late drama? Karchaoui makes a nice exchange with Geyoro and Lyon do what they have done for all but the PSG goal and close down the danger.

86 min: The PSG fans are still singing, bless them. But the old rivals have done what they usually do and will be in a final again, to try and win their ninth Champions League.

84 min: PSG make a couple of changes, including the departure of Baltimore but the jig looks up for them.

83 min: That was tough on PSG but it was what Lyon had threatened on multiple occasions. The game was in their control, and Becho the sub played her part with a fine run and a pass inside.

That’s the one they wanted. De Almeida lost the ball and Dumornay picks up the loose ball, charges on, Becho collects and plays back to Dumornay to score.

79 min: This game is getting cagier and cagier. PSG clearly fear Lyon, and Lyon are doing their best to control PSG.

78 min: Bacha tries to send Becho through but PSG break, and then lose the ball. Lyon corner. This time, Picaud claims the ball and tries to set up an attack. Horan comes across to intercept.

75 min: PSG have an injury concern, with Baltimore looking to have a muscle problem.

73 min: PSG change: Le Guilly off, Vangsgaard on

Lyon change: Diani off, Becho on. Diani has had a good game leading the line.

72 min: PSG pushing on a bit, but not finding much. All the while, Lyon look the more dangerous team on the counter.

70 min: Karchaoui goes on one of her runs into the box but can only pass to a white shirt. She remains the dangerwoman, and it takes the experience of Wendy Renard to clear the danger.

66 min: Not so great keeping: Picaud loses the flight of the ball but Lyon can’t get a toe-end or anything. Picaud has taken a buffeting and receives more treatment.

65 min: Another Horner shot, another one she has to take hurriedly, and another one that drifts into the net. Lyon push for another. Picaud makes a fine save, and then gets back to her feet to make a save from Van de Donk. Great goalkeeping.

63 min: This has been a very even contest considering Lyon’s previous dominance over PSG in this competition and in the French league. Geyoro’s snap shot is from too far out to trouble Endler.

61 min: Picaud spills the ball but was fouled in the act of doing so. There’s a delay as she receives the magic spray.

60 min: Diani almost opens up PSG. She speeds to the byline, plays the ball across and then nobody gets on the end of it.

58 min: Carpenter, who is the defender asked to stop that PSG threat down her right, comes across to clear the ball.

57 min: Karchaoui is booked for fouling Van de Donk. It’s not bad-tempered but it’s getting bitty.

56 min: Picaud parries a Diani shot with her fists. Then Carpenter is booked for her foul on Chawinga.

55 min: The game is opening up promisingly. Most of PSG’s danger coming down the left, and when Chawinga falls, they wonder if a penalty should be awarded. The referee isn’t having it.

53 min: Lyon almost seal it, but no. Diani goes through, one on one with Picaud, but the shot is saved. Horan steps forward, and the goal gapes. She aims for a chip but the ball drifts over.

52 min: Samoura escapes down the right, beyond Bacha but then fails to direct her cross.

50 min: PSG look to mount their first proper attack of the second half. Groenen is OK too continue. Karchaoui tries to send Chawinga on one of her runs but finds nobody.

47 min: It’s Lyon, seeking an early goal in the manner of the first half, who look to start off brightest. There’s a break in play as Groenen falls to the ground. She looks to have hurt her side.

46 min: We are back underway in Paris. What awaits us here?

Half-time reading.

A fine half in which both teams showed off their mettle. Lyon’s speed on the break has been dangerous but then so too was that of Chawinga for PSG’s equaliser. There’s 45 minutes to decide it, plus possible extra time and penalties.