Pochettino cautions Carabao Cup final referees about potential bias towards Klopp’s Liverpool departure.

Pochettino cautions Carabao Cup final referees about potential bias towards Klopp’s Liverpool departure.

Mauricio Pochettino has requested that the referees in the upcoming Carabao Cup final on Sunday remain impartial and not let themselves be influenced by the emotions surrounding Jürgen Klopp’s departure from Liverpool.

The coach of Chelsea attempted to play mind games by requesting that the referee for the final, Chris Kavanagh, treat both teams fairly. Pochettino mentioned how Chelsea was not given two penalties during their 4-1 loss to Liverpool at Anfield, and he does not want his team to face additional challenges at Wembley due to external factors.

During an interview, Pochettino was inquired about the potential added pressure on Liverpool due to Klopp’s departure at the end of the season. In response, he stated that it was a good question and clarified that he does not see it as pressure for Klopp himself, but rather for those who are eager to celebrate with the team. He emphasized the importance of ensuring fair competition and decision-making.

“I believe that during our match at Anfield, there were numerous decisions that did not work in our favor. There were two penalty calls that were not given, and in most duels and 50-50 situations, the calls seemed to favor the opposing team. It always seemed like the color red was being favored. As a team, we just want to be treated fairly. Despite this, we will still celebrate our victory. I must acknowledge that Liverpool is an incredible team and Klopp is undoubtedly one of the top coaches in the world.”

“After my previous encounter at Wembley, my desire for the next game is to not be burdened by pressure. I hope to compete on an equal playing field and let the best team emerge victorious, without the added stress of external factors.”

Chelsea were the first Premier League side to face Liverpool after the news about Klopp’s future. “It is nice,” Pochettino said. “Liverpool is an amazing club and I love Klopp. The way he is is amazing. It is his last season here. We are going to compete in the same way, both teams, and [we want] both clubs to be seen in the same way.”

Pochettino was questioned about Chelsea’s intentions for their match at Wembley. He responded, “No, we are aiming to win because we are playing against Chelsea. It is natural for Liverpool to also want to win. However, we do not want any additional celebrations as Klopp is leaving. That is significant.”

Source: theguardian.com