Pochettino acknowledges that his position is uncertain following Chelsea’s defeat against Wolves.

Pochettino acknowledges that his position is uncertain following Chelsea’s defeat against Wolves.

Mauricio Pochettino expressed regret to the supporters, acknowledged that his team did not perform well, and conceded that his position is at risk following Chelsea’s humiliating 4-2 loss to Wolves at their home stadium.

After losing two games in a row, Chelsea’s ranking fell to 11th place and they faced angry chants from the audience at their home stadium. Raheem Sterling received boos when he was replaced, while some fans directed their frustration towards manager Pochettino and others sang for former owner Roman Abramovich and recently fired José Mourinho.

The team’s performance and Pochettino were subject to mocking chants, though his job as head coach is not currently at risk. He was quick to take responsibility for the situation.

“The Argentinian admitted that we did not perform up to par today. This includes myself as well. I take responsibility for the current situation. Our performance was inadequate. We failed to handle the situation effectively and there are no guarantees of safety. I don’t want to claim that I am superior. We are all accountable.”

The team members must hold themselves accountable just as I do. Currently, we are not living up to the club’s past accomplishments. This is a fact. We must acknowledge it, evaluate our performance, but we must not give up. We will put in the effort to turn things around. If our current approach is not effective, we must be willing to adjust and seek a new solution.

Pochettino expressed that his team was feeling anxious and emphasized the need for unity. He acknowledged that there may be a perception that Chelsea should be in a higher position, and understanding the fans’ perspective is crucial. He apologized for their disappointment and stressed the importance of fighting together as a team. He also recognized the fans’ right to criticize and be upset, but reminded them that the players are young and in need of support. He concluded by stating that strength is a necessary quality to be a part of this club.

After the game, Thiago Silva’s wife shared on X that Chelsea should take action before it’s too late. She stated, “It’s time for a change. Waiting any longer will have consequences.”

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Wolves secured their first victory at Stamford Bridge in over four decades with a goal from Axel Disasi and a hat-trick from Matheus Cunha. Despite initially falling behind, Wolves showed resilience and team unity to come back and defeat Chelsea, much to the surprise of onlookers. Gary O’Neil, the Wolves manager, praised his team for their determination and skill in the match.

Source: theguardian.com