Mauricio Pochettino unconcerned about potential FFP consequences for Chelsea.

Mauricio Pochettino has stated that he is not concerned about the chance of Chelsea facing consequences for potential violations of financial fair play rules under Roman Abramovich’s ownership.

Some professionals speculate that a reduction in points may be enforced due to leaked documents exposing hidden payments that potentially violated FFP regulations. These payments were made during Abramovich’s ownership of Chelsea, which ended after 19 years with a change in ownership to Todd Boehly and Clearlake Capital in the summer of 2022.

Chelsea’s financial records from 2012 to 2019 are currently being looked into by the Premier League and Football Association. It is possible that charges may be brought against them. The Premier League recently penalized Everton with a 10 point deduction for violating its rules on profitability and sustainability.

Chelsea’s recent ownership revealed that incomplete financial information was provided during Abramovich’s time as owner, leading to investigations. As a result, Uefa has imposed a fine of £8.6m on the club.

Pochettino stated that he had not engaged in conversation with Boehly or Clearlake regarding the recent accusations involving Abramovich. “We did not discuss it,” commented Chelsea’s manager. “It is not my role to address the matter.”

Pochettino remained silent regarding the matter. When questioned if he had concerns, he responded with a brief “No.” It was suggested that Chelsea could potentially lose the trophies they earned under Abramovich, resulting in the 2016-17 title being given to Tottenham.

During Pochettino’s tenure, Spurs placed second to Chelsea in 2017. However, when questioned about potentially receiving the title, Pochettino responded with a nervous chuckle.

In the near future, the Argentinian coach will be banned from the touchline for Chelsea’s game against Newcastle on Saturday. Pochettino received his third booking of the season during the 4-4 match against Manchester City and has decided to make it up to his team by treating them to a barbecue dinner.

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Following a statement from Chelsea’s forward Nicolas Jackson, it was revealed that he was given additional running exercises during training as a consequence for receiving five yellow cards and subsequently being suspended from one match.

Pochettino stated that he had to run. He also mentioned that he would be treating everyone to a dinner because he cannot run, resulting in his suspension. He would rather pay for the dinner himself and will be inviting the players and staff, which will amount to a significant cost.