Live coverage of the Euro 2024 qualifying match between Armenia and Wales, ending in a 1-1 draw.

If Armenia wins against Croatia in Zagreb on Tuesday, they will secure a spot in Euro 2024 without needing to go through a play-off. However, Wales, who will also be playing Turkey on the same day, do not have a guaranteed play-off spot. On the other hand, if Croatia wins this evening, Armenia will no longer have the opportunity to qualify.

Armenia, not as much.

Wales advances to the opposite end and Johnson falls in the penalty area, but Arutiunian did not make any contact with him. Therefore, no penalty is awarded.

Armenia is expected to make a goal. Miranyan runs down the right side and passes to Zelarayán, who steadies himself at the edge of the D. Instead of shooting, he sends a delicate pass down the right channel for Sevikyan. He has a clear shot, but he rushes it and it goes wide to the right.

Armenia quickly takes a free kick, allowing Sevikyan to sprint down the right side. However, Wales is relieved because the free kick was taken from the incorrect spot and the ball was also rolling. To make matters worse, Sevikyan then commits a foul throw. This situation is ridiculous.

The country of Wales. There are four extra minutes left in the game.

The Welsh defense is caught off guard. A diagonal pass is sent to Sevikyan, who is positioned inside the right side of the box. Sevikyan adjusts his body and takes a shot towards the upper left corner. It appears to be on target, but Ward makes an impressive save by tipping it around the post!

Wales have suddenly become disorganized.

Armenia advances to the opposite side and earns a corner kick thanks to Harutyunyan. Zelarayán takes a shot from a difficult angle on the left during the set piece. It goes over the crossbar.

Armenia poses a potential risk with a potential counterattack.

The Welsh team practice possession of the ball, accompanied by the sound of annoyed whistling.

Armenia implements a progressive double substitution. Sevikyan and Miranyan enter the game in place of Bichakhchyan and Ranos.

The team from Wales, however, Ward positions himself near the edge of his penalty area in preparation for Bichakhchyan’s upcoming attempt.

Dan James replaces Harry Wilson for Wales.

Wales mop up.

Wales breathe again.

Armenia nearly regained the advantage with a close attempt! Bichakhchyan, positioned at the boundary of the Wales defense and facing away from the goal, pivots to his left and takes a magnificent shot without any backswing, curving it towards the upper-left corner. Ward is completely outplayed, but the ball hits the bottom of the crossbar and bounces out to Zelarayán, who sends the rebound flying over the goal. However, he would have been in an offside position.

Armenia would not be able to meet the qualifications, while Wales would lose control of their fate.

Armenia is discontented because Iwu was injured; Ampadu is annoyed due to the bold tackle. Haroyan and Ampadu both received a yellow card; the Armenian team captain will not be able to play in the final game against Croatia.

Ethan Ampadu of Wales clashes with Varazdat Haroyan of Armenia.

The first substitution of the evening is made by Wales as David Brooks is replaced by Brennan Johnson. It is unclear if this decision was due to tactics or an injury.


Wales deserved; Rob Page’s side responded very well to conceding Lucas Zelarayán’s fine opening goal. They’ve got their reward, and can now start the second half looking for the winner they desperately need to keep automatic qualification in their own hands.

Armenia quickly kicked the ball out so that Moore could receive medical attention. Fortunately, it was not a severe injury and he was able to resume playing.

The situation for Wales seems troublesome, but James effectively supports him while Mepham also steps in to assist. Together, they successfully clear the area.

Wales fail to make Germany, I hope they don’t have to wait another twenty years. Thoughts and prayers etc. Oh, and whisky does help.”

Wales anything.

33 minutes into the game, Ranos aggressively charges towards the Welsh box with determination. He prepares to take a shot, but Ampadu’s well-timed tackle from behind prevents him from doing so. It was an impressive defensive play.