Lionel Scaloni, the manager of Argentina, has announced that he is considering resigning after their victory against Brazil.

Lionel Scaloni, the manager of the Argentine team that won the World Cup, shockingly revealed that he had considered resigning from his role after his team achieved the remarkable victory of defeating Brazil in Rio de Janeiro.

During his press conference at the Maracanã, Scaloni surprised everyone by announcing his plans for the future. This came after Argentina’s 1-0 victory against their rivals, securing their position at the top of the South American qualifying standings for the 2026 World Cup.

Argentina requires a highly energetic and well-equipped coach. I must halt and begin contemplating, as there are many things for me to consider during this period,” stated Scaloni in his initial comments, declining to take any questions.

“I must carefully consider my next steps, as these players have greatly contributed to the coaching staff. It’s not a farewell, but the expectations are high and it will be challenging to continue and maintain our winning record.”

I need to take some time to consider the situation since these individuals are making it challenging. Afterward, I will discuss it with the Football Association president and the players.

In 2018, the 45-year-old became the manager and guided Argentina to win the Copa América in 2021, marking their first significant victory since the 1993 Copa. Later, the team achieved their third global title in Qatar in the previous year.

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“We have confidence and are optimistic that Scaloni will stay with us,” stated Argentina’s defender Cristian Romero. “We’ll have to wait and see if he needs more time to consider; he didn’t mention anything in the locker room. We’ll do our best to persuade him.”