Klopp is eager to reignite the City vs Liverpool rivalry and believes that the entire world should pay attention.

Jurgen Klopp has labeled the Liverpool versus Manchester City match as a must-watch event for the entire world. However, he does not think that the outcome will determine his team’s future direction.

On Saturday, the top team in the Premier League will face the second place team as Liverpool visits the Etihad Stadium. They are hoping to break City’s 23-game winning streak at home in all competitions.

Klopp holds a better record against Pep Guardiola in their head-to-head matchups, with 12 wins out of 28 meetings compared to Guardiola’s 11. He leads a stronger Liverpool team with renewed confidence as they travel down the M62.

A victory for Liverpool would give them a two-point advantage over City and reignite the intense competition between the two teams in the Premier League, which was full of excitement from 2019 to 2022 but calmed down last season as Klopp’s squad underwent changes and placed fifth. The prospect of facing City again is thrilling for the German manager, who believes his revamped team is getting closer to competing with Guardiola’s squad but still sees them as underdogs.

“It’s an incredibly thrilling football match,” stated Klopp. “It’s the type of game I would watch no matter where I am in the world. Why would anyone not want to watch this game? It has everything you could want.”

Many things could occur. It is possible for us to play poorly and lose. However, it is highly unlikely, almost impossible, for us to play poorly and still beat City. On the other hand, it is also possible for us to play exceptionally well and still not win because that is the nature of football. These outcomes could happen to the same team. Right now, this team does not need to prove anything. The direction we are heading in is clearly the correct one.

In the last six seasons, City has only missed out on the Premier League title once, during Liverpool’s victory in the 2019-20 season. This is also one of the rare instances in Guardiola’s seven-year tenure at the club where he has not won the trophy. However, City has displayed some weaknesses this season, with some points being lost in matches against Wolves, Arsenal, and Chelsea. The last time City did not win a home game in any competition was on December 31, 2022, when they drew 1-1 with Everton.

Trent Alexander-Arnold and Jack Grealish fight for the ball during Liverpool’s visit to Manchester City in April

Klopp stated that as a run continues, the likelihood of it coming to an end increases. He acknowledged the strength of the opposing team and expressed that there is nothing he can do to weaken them. He emphasized the importance of being present in the moment and not dwelling on past defeats. He believes that by making the game challenging for the other team, there is a chance for victory. Despite feeling closer to victory, he knows that ultimately, the team must win key moments on the field and maintain a strong defensive strategy while also playing their own style of football.

I enjoy arranging things in order to gain an advantage, and this trait is deeply ingrained in my personality. Defense is a crucial aspect of the game, which is the foundation of my philosophy, possibly differing from that of Pep’s. Our relationship isn’t close enough for us to have discussed this.

In certain situations, there may be spaces present that we need to utilize. However, if there are no spaces, we must be willing to take the time to create alternative solutions.

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This team relies heavily on their goalkeeper in their strategy. If you can find a way to counter that, their goalkeeper will adjust accordingly. This dynamic is what makes football interesting. However, ultimately, all teams are somewhat predictable. No one has any secret tricks up their sleeve. The field is a standard size for everyone. I enjoy preparing for a game against a team that wants possession of the ball. It allows for more creativity and the chance to make something happen. It’s much more challenging when the opponent gives you the ball.

Klopp chose not to reiterate his previous grievances about the early 12:30pm kick-off time, even though it was scheduled without his agreement. The Premier League consulted Greater Manchester police and broadcasters before making the decision, citing the increase in arrests during matches between Manchester City and Liverpool. Additionally, City has a Champions League match against RB Leipzig on Tuesday.

This will mark Liverpool’s 14th appearance in the Saturday lunchtime game during Klopp’s tenure as manager, which is twice as many as their fellow “big six” teams.

When asked about the start time, Klopp replied: “No, my English isn’t proficient enough for everyone to comprehend. So why bother wasting our time? Nobody wants to hear it. I’ve attempted a few times before and I’m already fatigued. I now enjoy playing at 12:30 – that’s my new perspective.”

Source: theguardian.com