In the month of January, Manchester City has acquired Echeverri while West Ham is keeping an eye on Wilson – updates will be provided in real time.

In the month of January, Manchester City has acquired Echeverri while West Ham is keeping an eye on Wilson – updates will be provided in real time.

Crystal Palace’s £18.5m offer for Adam Wharton has been turned down, according to manager Jon Dahl Tomasson. He revealed this information before Monday’s FA Cup game against Wrexham, giving us the inside scoop.

“The club received an offer, but they declined, which I appreciate,” he stated. “He’s a fantastic young man. I recall last year having a conversation at his home with his parents over tea about his progress. Now, he’s a member of the first-team and I have confidence that he will become a player for England.”

The victory against Fulham in the Carabao Cup semi-final was met with a positive response in the dressing room. The boys’ reaction was a delight to see.

Next, an update on the fitness of Andy Robertson, Dominik Szoboszlai, and Trent Alexander-Arnold: “We will need to assess their readiness. Robertson is physically prepared and it was beneficial for him to be part of the matchday squad against Fulham. He is following his regular training schedule. Szoboszlai will be ready for minutes starting tomorrow. As for Alexander-Arnold, we are still deciding if he will play in the next game or the one after. It would be great if they could participate, but we will have to wait and see.”

Regarding the debate surrounding Mo Salah and his comeback from Afcon, we have not discussed it yet. The majority of people in Egypt comprehend that our goal is the same as Egypt’s – to get Mo back in shape as soon as possible. That’s our main priority. What others may say is one thing, but what is true is another. All parties have agreed that it is logical for him to undergo rehabilitation here, and that is currently what we are doing.

“We are currently in a season of play and our goal is to have him in good physical condition. However, if he happens to recover earlier, he will return, resulting in a win-win situation. The remaining discussions are exaggerated because the media feels the need to respond to everything.”

His 2017-18 performance against Watford, known as the “disasterclass,” remains a personal favorite.

During his second match with Manchester City.

We are no longer actively seeking to acquire Kieran Tripper, but we are still interested in signing Nordi Mukiele from PSG before the transfer window ends.

Bayern’s only new signing this month, Eric Dier, made his debut in their 1-0 win over Union Berlin – and his post-match interview is dividing social media. Some say he’s affecting a German accent, Shteve style; others are claiming that’s just the way he speaks. The jury’s out …

If you are not acquainted with Adam Wharton, who is the center of an alleged £18.5 million offer from Palace today, my colleague who supports Blackburn has informed me that he is a skillful midfielder capable of making passes through the opposing team’s defense. Wharton was born in the town and currently plays for Rovers alongside his brother, Scott, who is a center-back. He is considered a beloved figure in the local community and has a lengthy contract with the club. I am also told that he possesses impressive shoulder-dropping skills.

As of now, Chelsea has not taken any definitive steps towards their rumored interest in signing Aston Villa’s forward Jhon Durán. Additionally, they have no intentions to pursue Karim Benzema at this time.

West Ham inquired about a loan for Duran, but Villa rejected the offer as they would like to secure a replacement first. Unai Emery’s team is still competing in three different competitions.

According to David Ornstein, Crystal Palace is among the Premier League teams projected to make significant investments in the upcoming week. They have reportedly put forward a bid of £18.5m for Blackburn’s midfielder Adam Wharton. However, it seems that Rovers have rejected the offer and would prefer to keep Wharton on loan at Ewood Park until the end of the season if an agreement on a transfer fee can be reached.

To start, there is a potential deal happening today: Kalvin Phillips will likely finalize his transfer to West Ham on a loan until the end of the season, with the possibility of a permanent deal in the summer. The former Leeds player is scheduled to undergo a medical examination this morning and will then be added to David Moyes’ team. However, their next match isn’t until next Thursday against Bournemouth, so there is no urgent rush.

Welcome back. The deadline is one week away, but unless there is a significant change, this window will not see the same high levels of spending as last January.

€388 million has been expended in the current month in Europe’s top five men’s leagues, which may seem like a substantial amount (and it is), but it pales in comparison to the £966 million spent during the same time period last year.

This window exudes a slow-paced, artistic atmosphere, appealing to devoted transfer enthusiasts. There hasn’t been much activity yet and the next development is uncertain, but it is sure to become more intriguing soon.