Howe states that Newcastle will challenge the Premier League regulation that restricts transfers.

Eddie Howe has stated that Newcastle is determined to oppose a potential new Premier League regulation that would prohibit teams from loaning players from affiliated clubs.

On November 21, clubs will vote on a temporary ban that would prevent Howe from acquiring players from four Saudi Arabian clubs owned by the Gulf kingdom’s Public Investment Fund, similar to Newcastle. This would prohibit him from pursuing players such as Al-Hilal’s Rúben Neves.

Howe did not want to reveal the details of Newcastle’s plan to resist, but he implied that the club would fight against any changes when asked.

Due to Newcastle’s top summer acquisition, Italian midfielder Sandro Tonali, being suspended for 10 months, Howe is eager to secure a replacement during the January transfer window. Neves, who previously played for Wolves, has been heavily rumored as the potential candidate.

The manager, Howe, stated that they were interested in the player when he was on the Wolves team. He disagreed with the idea that the player, who is from Portugal, may not fit well with Newcastle’s intense pressing playing style. He believes that players are capable of adjusting to various styles and has no doubt about it.

While it is a possibility that Howe is using Neves as a cover-up for his pursuit of another player, he is not willing to have his options for transfer market moves limited. He stated, “We will abide by the regulations set by the Premier League and we must respect them. We simply have to adapt to the changes. However, I will let you determine the reason behind these new rules.”

Before heading back to Bournemouth on Saturday, Howe appeared to be bothered by the VAR controversy surrounding Gordon’s goal against Arsenal. He believed that this had shifted the focus away from Newcastle’s impressive win against Arteta’s team. In response, Arteta went on a tirade against the implementation of VAR, which Howe, who has a slightly strained relationship with him, found unproductive. Howe expressed that the uproar over the goal overshadowed his players’ strong performance and they did not receive the recognition they deserved.

Andoni Iraola, Bournemouth’s manager, invited Howe to his previous club, Rayo Vallecano, while Howe was in between jobs. During this time, Iraola showed Howe the complex strategies behind Rayo’s aggressive pressing style. Although Newcastle also employs a similar style of play, Howe stated that his visit to Rayo was not a major turning point. He explained, “My idea of how I want my team to play has developed and shifted, but my fundamental principles remain the same.” Howe praised Iraola, saying he is not only a skilled coach but also a good person.

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At least 10 key players will not be available for Newcastle, as Bruno Guimarães is suspended. Callum Wilson’s hamstring injury will be assessed, potentially causing him to be removed from the England team.