Gareth Southgate will make a decision about his future with England after Euro 2024.

Gareth Southgate will make a decision about his future with England after Euro 2024.

Gareth Southgate stated that he will contemplate his role as the England manager only after Euro 2024. His primary goal at the moment is to secure a victory in the upcoming tournament in Germany.

Southgate has a contract with the Football Association until December. This allows both parties to review the finals and ensure a smooth transition, if needed, without rushing.

He is aware that his highly favored team will need to perform exceptionally well in Germany for there to be public support for him to continue. He is attuned to the country’s sentiment regarding this matter. This likely entails winning the first significant men’s championship since the 1966 World Cup.

Southgate made it known during his post-match comments following the Nations League draw in Paris that England will be in a lower tier group with the Republic of Ireland, Greece, and Finland for the next edition. He clarified that he has not yet determined if he will continue as manager for the 2026 World Cup.

“I must observe the progress of the summer – it’s as straightforward as that,” he stated. “I am aware of our potential for success. I have set my own standard for success and beyond that, I am not concerned with anything else. My sole aim is to lead England to victory in the tournament.”

“Our main goal is to achieve optimal performance and ensure that the best decisions are made for everyone. However, I will not be able to make a decision before the tournament. Taking any action beforehand would negatively impact our performance, regardless of what decision is made.”

Southgate has held the position of manager for 91 matches, with his first one being in October 2016. If his team advances to the quarter-finals of the Euros, he will have managed 100 games. In late March, they are scheduled to play friendly matches against Brazil and Belgium, followed by games against Bosnia and Herzegovina and Iceland in early June. All of these matches will be held at Wembley Stadium, except for the one against Bosnia at St. James’s Park.

The main topic of discussion will shift towards Southgate’s selection process for the tournament, with a particular focus on a group of players. This began with Jordan Henderson, who made a transfer from Al-Ettifaq to Ajax in January in hopes of improving his chances of playing for England. Southgate attended Henderson’s debut for Ajax on Saturday, which resulted in a 1-1 tie against PSV Eindhoven.

According to Southgate, evaluating a player in a European league is simpler. He believes that the recent game has sparked excitement in the player. The warm reception he received at Ajax has surely left a positive impact on him.

Southgate revealed that he had not communicated with a majority of his team members since December, when the topic of Marcus Rashford was discussed. The Manchester United forward drew negative attention after a night out in Belfast at the end of January.

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“We are approaching the time when we will select the team to play against Brazil and Belgium, but a lot can change for players between November and March. Therefore, we are constantly watching and evaluating their performance both on and off the field,” stated Southgate.

When questioned about Rashford’s teammate Kobbie Mainoo, he provided additional information. The 18-year-old from Stockport has caught his attention with a string of impressive performances.

According to Southgate, he is performing exceptionally well. It is uncertain if he will strictly play as a defensive midfielder, as he is more of a forward-thinking player. However, his career has had a fantastic beginning and it will be beneficial to keep an eye on his progress in the future.