Fans of Newcastle were encouraged to remain united following the violence that occurred prior to the PSG game.

Supporters of Newcastle have been urged to remain united in order to ensure their safety in Paris, following a brief outbreak of unrest leading up to Tuesday’s Champions League match against Paris Saint-Germain.

A video of a gathering of Newcastle supporters being assaulted at a bar in the town went viral on social media on Monday evening. However, witnesses reported that it was a brief incident and no one suffered significant injuries. Members from the Newcastle United Supporters’ Club (NUSC) were present at Café Seguin in the Boulogne-Billancourt region during the occurrence.

A representative from NUSC reported that the police requested Corcoran’s Boulogne to close at 10pm. After, a group of Newcastle fans relocated to Café Seguin to continue their evening. Approximately 30 PSG fans arrived and caused damage to the establishment by throwing objects at the windows and doors. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries and the group eventually left. NUSC advises everyone to stay together and take care of each other. They also mentioned that the videos may exaggerate the severity of the incident.

The representative characterized the assault as “completely unprovoked,” yet mentioned that certain French X accounts have implied a link to an event in Newcastle during the previous match in October.

The Northumbria police have stated that they have officers in Paris working together with French authorities after the incident. A representative for the police force stated, “We have seen reports on social media about Newcastle fans being attacked in a bar in Paris. We can confirm that we have officers in France assisting the authorities. Our priority is ensuring the safety and enjoyment of all fans.”

Prior to the match at Parc des Princes, Newcastle had warned fans to steer clear of the neighborhood of Auteuil. PA Media has reached out to the Paris police for a statement.

The occurrence occurred following a 58-year-old supporter of Newcastle, Eddie McKay, being attacked with two stabbings to his arm and one to his back while attending the club’s first Champions League match in 20 years against Milan in September.