Erik ten Hag refutes claims of discord in the Manchester United team’s changing room.

Erik ten Hag has acknowledged that a few players have raised concerns about his style of play. However, he has denied any chaos within the Manchester United team after their loss to Newcastle on Saturday. There have been reports of tension in the dressing room that resulted in certain media outlets being banned.

United faced harsh backlash for a lackluster performance in their 1-0 defeat at St James’ Park. Reports surfaced of the manager losing the trust of multiple players.

On Tuesday, Ten Hag was questioned about whether he takes into account the thoughts of his team. He responded by saying, “I always hear my players out and give them chances to speak up. If they have a different viewpoint, I will certainly consider it.” However, he noted that only a small number of players have shared their thoughts with him. Overall, the majority of the team wants to play in an assertive, lively, and bold manner.

“The players’ dedication is evident through their recent performances against Everton and Galatasaray. Without their support, do you believe we can replicate the goals we scored against Everton? I am confident that the players are standing behind me.”

For example, you can observe the victories over Brentford, Burnley, and Fulham. It is clear that without unity, we would not be able to play such fantastic football as we have been recently.

United stated that they had prohibited certain media outlets from attending the press conference on Tuesday for the upcoming match against Chelsea on Wednesday. This decision was made due to the fact that the club was not informed prior to the publication.

Ten Hag was asked about the perceived chaos surrounding United. He responded that while there may be rumors of an internal strategic review, it does not affect the team’s focus in the dressing room. He acknowledged that the team is still in a period of transition, but they are moving in the right direction. This can be seen in their team building and development, as well as the potential of young players to contribute to future success for Manchester United.

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Regarding the game at Newcastle, he stated: “We are not machines. Playing three matches in six days, especially tough ones, can take a toll. Fatigue may be a factor, but it is never an excuse. We did well against Galatasaray and Everton, but we were not satisfied with our performance against Newcastle.”